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Defectors claim that Syrian army officers are selling arms and ammunition.

Published: 10/01/2012 10:17:00 PM GMT
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As Syria becomes a vicious battle ground between the government, military, police and the protestors, rebel groups and the opposition the conditions manage to open new doors of promoting warfare through the weak loop holes on both the ends. Where military finds easy ways to find out the hiding camps of the rebels also called defectors to capture them and bring them down, the rebels or defectors are also found using the same strategy by contacting the same Syrian army to get the weapons and ammunition.

A footage showing the planning and actions wanted defectors by Al-Jazeera TV shows how the war is going in circles where the oppressors or the suppressors both are chained together in a cycle that interrelates them. The footage showing defector’s hiding spots and training camps show how the rebels plan to fight against Asad’s regime. The exclusive interview has also raised many questions where the defectors claim that most of the ammunition that is in their use has been brought in use by the army itself, officials earn fortune through it and sell as ammunition under cheap rates that are either smuggled or they are stolen from the militant quarters.

Gradually as the war gets heated up the preparation against the military of President Bashar Al-Asad also seems to gain power by gaining number, the footage showing a group from Daraa with guns and determination to bring down the President, by spreading to all the zones in Syria for protection and to lead better actions against the military by having hiding spots in the whole country and most preferably the Northern side of Syria is the most affected part.

“If we would have died from Asad’s regime it would have been a shame for us, as now by being among my brothers as rebels we would die as martyrs” said a defector while talking to the media. “if you would go to Harasta and other primary army posts you would thousands of bodies of militants that were shot from behind for the cause to blame it on the defectors, the reason for gaining number is that Asad is not planning to let go and he wants to fight with his own.” He added

Although the number of death toll was unable to be found out another person who has joined the defectors said that he has worked in the military prison before defecting, where extreme tortures had been disturbed him since than “men were put in a water container along with an electric cable containing charge of 220Volts to it and than other prisons were made to urinate in that container with burnt dead bodies, while cutting off noses and ears was a normal practice.” An ex-army official now part of the defectors group said. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is claiming that our agenda is clear and we are against violence but we have left with no choice. A steadily increasing in number of defected soldiers are joining its ranks.

Thousands of civilians are joining the armed struggle and they have been paying for more ammunition as they require more for new recruits. It was told that an AK47 assault rifle costs $2000 while for ammunition its $2 for a bullet. The defectors also stated that the neighboring country is not the only option in fact it is thought to be the last option since civilians are buying weapons from army officers who are betraying the regime, trading goes on even in the military check posts.

The group also told that it is believed to have the number anywhere between 1000 and 25,000 troops which are divided over 22 battalions spread all across the country who might be the direct source of weapons. So far Iraq and Turkey seems to be the most active participants on dealing to have stability in the region. “We buy weapons from army officers who are betraying the regime," one member of the FSA said. The defectors while displaying their power said "I bought this one from a military checkpoint. Some of Assad’s officers are selling weapons to us.”

Buying weapons is not a problem fro Syrian defectors.