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Celebration to Commemorate 225th Anniversary of the 1st Printed Russian Qur'an

Published: 07/02/2012 12:33:44 AM GMT
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02 February 2012 In Russia, and especially in Tatarstan, Muslims are organizing celebrations for the Year of the Quran in 2012, t (more)

02 February 2012

In Russia, and especially in Tatarstan, Muslims are organizing celebrations for the "Year of the Quran" in 2012, the jubilee of the first printed edition of the Russian Qur'am.

The first printed version of the Quran appeared in Russia 225 years ago. It was prepared under the instruction of Empress Ekaterina II in 1787, on the basis of a specially created script based on the drawings of Tatarstani mullahs.

The script subsequently became the standard letters for all the editions of the Qur'an used by Russian Muslims. There are more than 600 editions of the Quran in different languages at the Museum of Islam, situated on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. Among them are copies in different sizes, and towards the end of last year, the largest copy of the Qu'ran in the world at that time, was brought to Tatarstan. It was prepared by Italian masters on the order of the Republican Foundation for the restoration of historical and cultural monuments. It is planned to take the Book to the town of Bolgar, where the ancient state of Bulgaria was located a thousand years ago.

The Year of the Qur'an in Tatarstan will enable the citizens to better understand each other, Ildus xazra Faizov, the mullah of Tatarstan believes.

"I would like to advise all the Muslims to shun extremist views and radicalism, as well as so-called traditionalism. We have moved away from religion and are traveling along a nebulous road. We want to show that tradition began from prophet Muhammad and our ancestors who lived in Russia, believing in Islam as preached in the Quran."

In the opinion of the leaders of the Muslims of Tatarstan, the conferences, meetings and visits to the ancient town of Bolgar, events arranged as part of the marking of the Year of the Quran, will help to strengthen the significance of the Muslim Holy Book.

A "Year of the Qur'an" portal will soon be inaugurated on the Internet, to be devoted to a the participation of journalists under the general title "Qur'an in my life".

This year also, the computerization of the letters of the Kazan editions of the Quran will be carried out. Audio recording will be produced in the Tatar language and a charitable auction will called "Present a Quran" will take place.

Source: "Tatarstan marks Quran Year" The Voice of Russia February 1, 2012

Reproduced with permission from Islam Today