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Artist Breaks World Record for Smallest Qur'an - Without the Aid of Magnification

Published: 07/09/2012 10:14:33 AM GMT
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29 July 2012 Dubai-based artist Raein Akbar Khanzadeh was blessed with an incredible gift from birth. He can read and write l (more)

29 July 2012

Dubai-based artist Raein Akbar Khanzadeh was blessed with an incredible gift from birth. He can read and write letters 30x smaller than those normally visible to the naked eye.

Khanzadeh has used this ability to transcribe the Quran 94 times smaller than the previous Guinness World Record holder, Pakistani physicist Saeed Bibani. The fact that makes his achievement even more impressive is that Khanzadeh did it using no microscope.

Khanzadeh is a practicing Muslim and has used his amazing ability to create some truly incredible transcriptions of the Quran. He graduated from college with a degree in Quranic studies and Mathematics.

He has copied the Quran in its entirety every year for the last 12 years and has created a new record every time. He decided to pursue this as his occupation at the age of 20.

“I decided 12 years ago that I will dedicate my talent in the service of Islam. I do art only with the verses of Quran and I will continue to do it every year,” said Khanzadeh in a report by Gulf News

This year he has displayed his gift by copying the whole Quran, which consists of 114 chapters - and in most copies covers 604 pages -, on one-and-half sheet of silver that are smaller than A4 size paper. Khanzadeh dedicates all of his works to Allah.

He believes that Allah bestowed upon him the gift of astonishing sight.

Khanzadeh was worried as a child that his amazing ability might deteriorate as he grew older however he soon realized that this would not be the case. Instead of deteriorating, he now believes that his eyesight improves the more he reads the Quran.

“I can naturally see things so small that people normally would need a microscope or a magnifying glass to see. Initially I was scared that the ability would diminish but it has improved every day and I can see smaller things than before,” said the artist, who is also a painter and calligrapher, with several records to his credit.

Even though Khanzadeh never had any formal training in art, he has created some extremely aesthetically pleasing works of art using Holy Scripture. He has painted portraits on grains of rice proving how skillful an artist he is.

His latest transcription of the Quran has been engraved into two sheets of silver and platinum. Khanzadeh spent 10 months working 10 hours a day in order to achieve this. The sheets have been designed into a book that is encrusted with 2,500 gemstones including 20 carats of diamond, 10 carats of rubies as well as sapphires making this masterpiece weigh 6kg.

He spent 150,000 Dirhams of his own personal savings on this project. He believes that the sanctity of the Quran should not be used as a way of making money which is why this time round he did not obtain any sponsorship.

“I have not gone for a sponsor this time and spent all of what I earned from my previous project. Sponsors tend to commercialize things and I don't like it. We should respect the sanctity of Quran and should not use it make money,” he stated

All of his work is examined closely and verified by UAE's General Authority of Islamic Affairs which have proven all of his work to be genuine and in full detail.

His clients include some very important people one of which being Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council as well as the royal family of Kuwait.

Khanzadeh's work requires a lot of patience though the finished product is rewarding.


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Reproduced with permission from Islam Today