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America's #1 Online Prayer Site to Introduce "How to Make Salaah"

Published: 14/02/2012 11:14:16 AM GMT
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01 February 2012 Post A Prayer has converted its platform into a multi-faith prayer center that welcomes prayer requests from all (more)

01 February 2012

"Post A Prayer" has converted its platform into a multi-faith prayer center that welcomes prayer requests from all religions.

"Post A Prayer", a non-profit based out of southern California, has revamped its once Christian prayer request website into a place where all religions are welcome to pray online and make prayer requests. The world's #1 rated site to pray online, post prayers, and make prayer requests got a 2012 make-over. The once Christian-based site is now going to be a multi-faith prayer center that welcomes all faiths from around the world.

The new multi-faith prayer center will now cater to the top 20 religions in the world. Whether you are looking into how to perform the Salah online or you are just praying for others it now no longer matters what religion you belong to when posting prayers online.

The site is planning on more changes in 2012.

Founder and owner, Scott Turner, stated: "From a content stand point we have a competitive advantage and can offer more than a silo religion site. For example a Christian prayer request website will only appeal to Christian prayer requests, and an Islam prayer website will only attract Muslim prayer requests. With Post A Prayer we can now offer the content of the Bible, Koran (Qur'an), or any other religion, hence, giving us a market advantage."

The special thing about the 2012 "Post A Prayer" revamp is that it took efforts from a team that is made up of both Christian based members and Islamic based members. Turner went on to say, "We took a business approach when designing the site and respected one another's individuality and belief systems."

The site currently offers prayers in a large number of religious categories, including: Christianity prayer, Islamis prayer, jewish prayer, Buddhist prayer, Hindu prayer, and Zoroastrian prayer, among others, and will add religious categories as needed.

The website says it "looks forward to an outstanding year and providing a world wide prayer center that is a safe haven for all prayers."

Source: "Online Prayer Request Website Gets Revamped - All Religions Are Welcome Whether You're A Christian Praying For Others Or A Muslim Curious How To Perform The Salah" PR Web February 1, 2012

Reproduced with permission from Islam Today