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Accredited Courses & Workshop for Teaching Islamic Culture & Art at US Public Schools

Published: 13/10/2013 10:23:36 AM GMT
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22 May 2013 North Carolina's 2013 Teachers Institute Summer Seminar will focus on Islam. Scholars of Islam from a variety of di (more)

22 May 2013

North Carolina's 2013 Teachers Institute Summer Seminar will focus on Islam. Scholars of Islam from a variety of disciplines will engage with teachers through primary source documents, paintings, literature, poetry, and music.

K-12 public school educators and community college instructors are invited to apply to the Seminar, "Muslim Journeys: Islam and its Many Roads", which will be held June 16- 22, 2013, at the Friday Center for Continuing Education in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Then in August, an intensive workshop aimed to equip American kindergarten to 12th grade teachers to teach Islamic art is being offered by Duke University's Nasher Museum of Art (pictured) in Durham, North Carolina.

Participants will receive CEU credits and interdisciplinary curriculum-based materials.

Robin Holmes, Research Fellow in Art History at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill will be offering a course entitled "Introduction to Islamic Art".

Chris Vitiello, poet and educator, will conduct an interactive session on "Creative Writing in Islamic Traditions".

Penny McGuire, former K-12 Teacher, will conduct a course entitled: "Incorporating Islamic Culture into Your Classroom".

The eight-hour workshop, which will be held on 14 August 2013, will include slide lectures, hands-on art activities, creative writing and performances by local musicians and dancers.

The workshop will be followed by a landmark exhibition of art from Hawaii's famous Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.

Curated by Donald Albrecht (Museum of the City of New York) and Tom Mellins (Independent Curator and Author), the exhibition will showcase the Foundation's renowned collections to provide a fuller understanding of Doris Duke's unique contributions to the understanding of Islamic art in the United States.

The exhibition will run from August 29, 2013 - December 29, 2013.


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