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552 Syrians freed who were put behind bars for participation in protests

Published: 08/01/2012 10:11:00 AM GMT
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In Syria after months of street protests on Thursday the government has passed the bill to release a number of prisoners who were put behind bars for their participation in the protest against the government. A total of 552 people were released that were detained for their involvement in the recent political unrest, they also didn't have accusations of bloody violence upon them and all of the detainees didn't have criminal records which was assumed that it might have led to them being behind bars.

The uprising has now been shifted to give a positive response after the long struggle to get the motive fulfilled of maintaining humanitarian grounds against the injustice of President Bashar Al-Assad. The people of Syria had been waiting to gain a positive response from the government’s end that interpreted the system of justice in the country. For months citizens have been on the streets showing their retaliation against the injustice and confiscation of evidence against the ones in power, what began as a bloody struggle on the basis of questioning the ones in power resulted in deaths and many behind bars for being part of the protests, after months of struggle through ongoing protests people have now been able to gain power that has resulted in the release of 552 protestors, sources claimed.

The news agencies have told that "552 prisoners involved in the latest events in Syria against the President Bashar Al-Assad and who have no blood on their hands were released as they belonged to ordinary families and did not have a criminal history. The released persons are not involved in any sort of terrorist bloody acts of killings or explosions against Syrians, unlike what was being projected by the government and predicted by the locals and masses in the protests".

Syrian courts had been following the rules of not putting people behind bars without proper evidence. It is also known that the released prisoners are one of the key conditions of Arab League has set forth that indicates that people in opposition hold a legal right of expressing their views which should not be considered a crime unless bad code of conduct or violence is involved. It was put forward as a law in November last year.

While since the political unrest has begun it is the first time the law has been practiced under such unstable conditions prevailing in the country. People seek an end to the country's current crisis and are hoping for such decisions to be given more often. The accord has also called for an end to repression of pro-democracy protests, demanding the prosecution of the President Bashar Al-Assad and the end of the dictator rule.

Last week state television of Syria reported that the authorities had issued orders to release 755 prisoners from jail, where they could also be subjected to physical torture. Gradually as Arab League observers continue to be deployed in an anti-regime protest hub to implement the peace roadmap, violent conditions seem to change. This would not hinder the infrastructure of the country, which has also been scaring the foreign investors not to invest thus affecting the economic condition of the state. Sources claimed that after the orders of Arab League for not considering opposition to be a crime had been put forward to release the tension and it was planned to release 2,645 prisoners only in November last year.

The opposition still claim that during the unrest several thousand people had been put behind bars while the rights groups and the United Nations also estimate the same number for anti-regime protests erupted in the mid of March, yet the frustration doesn’t end as the death toll increases the number of people put behind bars which UN claims to be more than 5,000 and expected to increase.

People gathered to cheer and welcome the freed protestors.