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I Read My Daily Remembrances – & My Purse Was Stolen

Published: 25/08/2011 06:37:00 PM GMT
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I recited all of my recommended morning remembrances – as is my daily habit – and did so sincerely and attentively, with full presence of mind. Then I went to the market to buy something, and my purse was stolen. On another occasion, a close friend of mine read her daily remembrances with sincerity and devotion, but nevertheless her purse was stolen while she was shopping later in the day. Is it not true that reciting our daily remembrances to Allah, if done with sincerity and concentration, protects us from harm throughout the day, as long as we have certain faith that Allah will protect us? So why did this happen?

Answered by

Sheikh Sâmî al-Mâjid

Our daily remembrances, in and of themselves, have no healing or protecting power. Those remembrances are neither physicians nor guardians. They are merely a reason for us to enjoy Allah's protection and care. Allah is our protector and everything that happens takes place according to His decree. Allah indeed protects his devotees on account of their worship, devotion, supplications, penance and good deeds.

Our daily remembrances are just like our supplications. When we beseech Allah for something, and do so with sincerity, presence of mind, certainty of faith, and positive expectations, we know that Allah answers our prayers. However, Allah, in his wisdom may answer our supplications in different ways. He may give us specifically what we ask for. He may, instead, remove a harm from us that would otherwise have befallen us. He may also postpone the answer to our supplication and give its benefit to us in the Hereafter, when we need it the most.

Rain clouds are merely a reason for precipitation and not a guarantee of rainfall whenever they pass overhead. If Allah wills, the clouds will bring rain. If He so wills they will pass over and drop their rain at some other time and place. In the same way, our supplications and remembrances are a reason for our attaining Allah's protection and reward. It is Allah's will when and how He will answer them.

It needs to be said that when a person beseeches Allah with a distracted mind or with a pessimistic attitude, the supplication might not be answered at all.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Allah does not accept the supplication of an inattentive and distracted heart." [Sunan al-Tirmidhî]

The same applies to our daily remembrances. If we chant them ritualistically, without any presence of mind, we cannot expect to attain the full benefit of those remembrances. Our remembrances are essentially supplications. They are a means by which we beseech Allah, invoke His name, and remember Him. Therefore, if we recite the words of our remembrances insincerely, or with heedlessness or negativity in our hearts, we might very well be deprives of the blessings of our recitation.

In short, our daily remembrances of Allah are merely a reason for our enjoying Allah's blessings. They should not be regarded as incantations that have some intrinsic power to protect us or bring us benefit. Allah alone is our guardian and sustainer.

Source: Islam Today

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