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Etiquettes & recommended times for offering supplications

Published: 27/08/2011 10:25:00 AM GMT
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What are the etiquettes of offering supplications that increase the chance that they will be answered?

Answered by

Sheikh Ahmad Ababtân, professor at al-Imâm University

A Muslim should be patient and show constancy in offering supplications to Allah and Allah alone. He should never become impatient for an answer, as it is guaranteed by Allah, no doubt.

However, the response from Allah may come in one of three ways:

1. Allah may immediately respond to the request or postpone it for some time as a test for the questioner.

2. Allah may save the questioner from something bad that is equivalent in importance to what has been asked for.

3. Allah may postpone the response to the supplication so that it will be a reward for the questioner in the Hereafter.

If any worshipper does what he is requested to do by supplicating to Allah alone for his needs and by submitting all of his affairs to Allah, then he is aspiring to the utmost degree of faith.

For your supplication to be responded to by Allah, you should observe the following:

1. Put your trust in Allah.

2. Be firm in expecting a response.

3. Increase asking for forgiveness.

4. Be sincere in supplication and worshipping and follow the example of our Prophet (peace be upon him).

5. Avoid unlawful food, drink, and clothing.

6. Always take care to offer your supplication with an attentive heart. Never allow your mind to wander.

7. Take care to offer supplications at the times when prayers are most likely to be answered.

The recommended times to offer supplications are as follows:

  • When you feel strong faith and a desire to worship Allah.
  • After finishing prayers.
  • During prostration in prayers.
  • On the last hour of Friday.
  • In the last third of each night.
  • From the time the Imam ascends the pulpit on Friday to the time when he finishes prayer.
  • However, what we said here does not mean that you should not take natural causes into consideration to achieve your goals with the help of Allah.

    Source: Islam Today

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