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Combining prayers on account of rain for person staying in mosque

Published: 27/08/2011 02:19:00 PM GMT
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I work at an Islamic bookstore located within an Islamic Center. When there is heavy rain or snow, we combine the prayers, like Zuhr and `Asr. What do I do if I know I plan to not leave work until Maghrib time and the Imam combines Zuhr and `Asr? Should I pray with them and count that as my `Asr, even though I intend to remain at the Islamic Center until the normal time for Asr?

Answered by

Sheikh Sulaymân al-Tuwayjirî

You should pray with them. When a congregational prayer is held by the people who attend the mosque, you pray with them, even if you are staying in the mosque, so that you do not miss the congregational prayer.

Legally, everyone is excused. Your staying in the mosque for some time does not prevent you from praying with them and benefitting from this legitimate concession.

Allah likes people to benefit from His concessions just as He likes them to obey His commands.

Source: Islam Today

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