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Swimming in the Dead Sea.

Published: 25/08/2011 01:33:00 PM GMT
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I have a question with regards to the Dead Sea, the saltiest sea between Jordan and Palestine. Is it prohibited or disliked to swim or be present in the area of the Dead Sea? I heard that the reason for this is that it is the location where Allah visited his wrath upon Lot's people.

Answered by

Sheikh Hânî al-Jubayr, judge at the Jeddah Supreme Court

I hold the opinion that it is permissible to visit, swim, sleep, and pray at the site of the Dead Sea.

Allah says: “And the (cities were) right on the high-road” [Sûrah al-Hajr: 76]

Allah also says about the cities of Lot's people: “Verily, you pass by their (sites) by day and by night: will you not understand?” [Sûrah al-Sâffât: 137-138]

This means that people pass by their sites on their way and Allah does not warn us about doing so or forbid us from it.

Moreover, it has never been confirmed that the Dead Sea is the location of the cities of Lot's people.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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