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What are the boundaries of the Makkah Haram? .

Published: 18/08/2012 10:12:13 AM GMT
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Please advise what includes the Haram boundries for Mecca. Is the entire Mecca provice a Haram?

Praise be to Allah.



The boundaries of the Makkah Haram are well known and have clear markers that have been set up in all directions with the name of the location written on them so that people can see them.

An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

The boundary of the Haram in the direction of Madinah is before at-Tan‘eem, by the houses of Banu Nifaar, three miles from Makkah. On the road to Yemen, the boundary is Adaat Libn, seven miles from Makkah. On the road to at-Taa'if it is at ‘Arafaat, at the bottom of Namirah, seven miles away. On the road to Iraq it is the mountain pass of al-Muqatta‘, seven miles away. On the road to al-Ji‘raanah it is in the mountain pass of Aal ‘Abdillah ibn Khaalid, nine miles away. On the road to Jeddah it is Munqati‘al-A‘shaash, ten miles from Makkah.

End quote from al-Majmoo‘, 7/463

It says in al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah (17/185-186):

The boundary of the Haram in the direction of al-Madinah al-Munawwarah is at at-Tan‘eem, which is three miles away. In the Maaliki books it says it is four or five miles. Coming from Makkah, at-Tan‘eem begins at Buyoot as-Suqya, which are called Buyoot Nifaar; nowadays it is known as Masjid ‘Aa'ishah (the mosque of ‘Aa'ishah). The area between the Ka‘bah and at-Tan‘eem is Haram (part of the sanctuary), and at-Tan ‘eem is outside the Haram boundary. In the direction of Yemen, it is seven miles, at Adaat Libn.

In the direction of Jeddah it is ten miles, at Munqata‘ al-A‘shaash, at the end of al-Hudaybiyah; which is part of the Haram.

In the direction of al-Ji‘raanah it is nine miles, in the mountain pass of ‘Abdullah ibn Khaalid.

In the direction of Iraq it is seven miles, at a mountain pass on one side of Jabal al-Muqatta‘. In the books of the Maalikis it says that it is eight miles.

In the direction of at-Taa'if it is at ‘Arafaat, in the bottom of Namirah, seven miles, at the edge of ‘Uranah.

Perhaps the differences in stating the number of miles is because of differences in defining what is meant by a mile. The measurement by miles starts from the Black Stone.

The boundaries of the Makkah Haram are currently marked in different directions with clear markers that have been set up at its edges like minarets, on which is written in the name of the location in Arabic and other languages. End quote.

A mile is equivalent to 1848 meters.

Whatever is within the markers mentioned is part of the Makkah Haram, and comes under all the shar‘i rulings concerning it, regardless of whatever administrative name is given to the place.

Whatever is outside of these markers is not part of the Makkah Haram and none of the rulings on the Haram apply to it, even if it is called “Makkah” or the people at some time regard it as being one of its neighbourhoods.

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And Allah knows best.

Reproduced from Islam QA