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Removal of facial moles & surgery to correct jawline

Published: 25/08/2011 01:29:00 PM GMT
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I have been born with a prominent jaw line which means my teeth stick out and I have a very unappealing side profile. I have been called things like "Mr. Rodent" and "rat-face". This has caused me a huge amount of emotional pain and loss of self-esteem. My orthodontist recommended dental surgery to realign my top jaw with my bottom jaw. I am very keen to do this as I would like to correct this disfigurement. Please advise me on whether this operation is lawful in Islam. Also, I have a friend who wants to know if it is permissible to remove any marks or blemishes from one's face. He has two moles on his face which are quite distinct and unsightly. He wants to know if Islam allows him to have them removed.

Answered by

Sheikh `Abd al-Rahmân al-Jar`î, professor at King Khâlid University in Abhâ

It is permissible to have this operation done to correct your jawline, since you are returning your jaw back to its normal place. It is lawful for a person to make amendments to his appearance when some natural defect exists.

I also think that it alright for your friend to have the moles removed from his face, particularly if he suffers from their sight, whether mentally or physically. Such a mole becomes, in such a case, a defect that may be removed, as it is existence on the face is not something normal.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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