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How a guardian manages the estate of many minors.

Published: 25/08/2011 12:30:00 PM GMT
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How does the executor of an estate deal with providing support for a deceased man’s sons? Should he distribute the estate first then defray expenses for each son from his share, or should he give each one what he needs from the general estate? Please explain in detail.

Answered by

Sheikh Salman al-Oadah

If the inheritors live in one house, the household expenses are taken from the main estate for the general benefit of everybody in the household. There is no need to distribute the estate.

If the inheritors are separated, each one should get his share. In case one of the inheritors lives away from the family house, then the expenses for the house and the other inheritors should not be deducted from his share of the estate.

Also, personal possession such as automobiles cannot be purchased for any of the sons’ from the main estate, but must be taken from that individual’s share unless the other inheritors permit it.

Source: Islam Today

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