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Men's dress in Islam.

Published: 24/08/2011 07:32:00 PM GMT
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s there a special mode of dress that Muslim men must observe? Is it recommended that they wear long robes or shirts like the men of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan wear?

Answered by

Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî, former professor at al-Imâm University in Riyadh

A Muslim man is permitted to wear whatever is the customary dress in his country as long as he avoids any expressly unlawful behavior with respect to dress.

Unlawful modes of dress include exposing any part of his `awrah - which is the area between the navel and the knee - wearing pure silk or gold, and wearing long garments that hang below his ankles. It also includes wearing clothing made of impure substances like pigskin.

Source: Islam Today

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