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Dealing with e-codes

Published: 24/08/2011 12:54:00 PM GMT
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Many processed foods contain substances that are represented in product labels by e-codes. These substances - mainly used as emulsifiers - are often derived from lard and other animal fats. What should a Muslim do with such foods?

Answered by

Sheikh `Abd al-Rahmân al-Jar`î, professor at King Khâlid University in Abhâ

Each code stands for a particular chemical. The issue requires first finding out exactly what each e-code stands for. This can be solicited from the experts in the appropriate fields.

If it is established that a certain chemical is always of porcine origin, then it will be unlawful to eat products containing that e-code in their list of ingredients.

However, if the e-code stands for a certain chemical of uncertain origin, since a good number of these chemicals can be derived from a variety of sources, then a Muslim may consume a product containing that e-code in its ingredients. The legal principle being employed here is that any issue wherein there is doubt is presumed to be nonexistent.

Source: Islam Today

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