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Feeding pet with meat that is not halâl

Published: 22/08/2011 07:39:00 PM GMT
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Is it permissible to feed my cats cat food which is not halâl? They do not come in to the house and are fed outside.

Answered by

Sheikh Yûsuf al-Qâsim

It is permissible to feed house pets with meat that has not been properly slaughtered. They may also be given food that is deemed impure in Islamic Law provided that there is no risk of that food harming the animal.

In the Hanafî legal text Badâ’i` al-Sanâ’i` (1/78), it reads: “Imam Abû Hanîfah held the opinion that it is permissible to feed dogs a dough made of flour which is mixed with impure water. This is because whatever becomes impure is unlawful for human consumption, but it may still be utilized.”

This is the opinion held by most of the prominent scholars.

It is related by Ibn `Umar that the people, while on a journey with the Prophet (peace be upon him), stopped to rest in the land of Thamûd (Hijr). They filled water from its well and made dough with this water. However, the Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered them to pour out the water and feed the dough to their camels. [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Scholars cite this as evidence that it is permissible to feed substances to animals that are not permitted in Islamic Law for human consumption.

And Allah knows best.


Source: Islam Today

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