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Muslims and Housing Today

Published: 20/03/2010 11:30:00 AM GMT
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While calling for a revival in contemporary Islamic housing, Muslims often cast a glance towards history.

By Dr. Spahic Omer

  • Introduction

The house is a microcosm of culture and civilization because the primary elements of society, individuals organized along with the family lines, are born, raised and educated in them. The strength of the institutions of the family and house denotes the strength of a society and the verve of its cultural and civilizational agenda. Similarly, frailties in the institutions of the family and house denote frailties in a society and in its cultural and civilizational agenda.

In this paper, I will discuss some issues relating to the relationship between the theme of housing and the intellectual, cultural and civilizational state of Muslims nowadays. An attempt will be made toward a diagnosis of some of the most obvious and painful ailments and their causes, what sustains them and how the situation can be improved. The paper is divided into the following three sections:
1. Islamic housing between yesterday and today;
2. Education and Islamic housing;
3. Toward a contemporary Islamic housing.

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( Islamic housing is a blend of the belief system, teachings and values of Islam.