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Ministry of education approves new academic medical programmes

Published: 02/10/2013 04:27:52 PM GMT
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Tuesday, Oct 01, 2013

Abu Dhabi: Aiming at increasing the UAE national population in medical fields within the country, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has awarded initial accreditation to a number of academic medical programmes on Tuesday.

The accreditation of several degrees came to achieve high number of Emiratis in line with the UAE vision 2021 and to provide the UAE labour market with graduates especially in pharmacy.

According to recent statistics conducted in 2012, pharmacy is among medical fields that suffer from low Emiratisation rate, which reached 5.7 per cent last year.

The Ministry has approved new programmes to cater to the needs of the UAE labour market including masters degree in pharmacy in manufacturing and developing products, clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practices at the Dubai Pharmacy College.

Additionally, a bachelor of business administration and human resources management at the City University College of Ajman, diploma in accounting at Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute, master of science and international business at Al Ghurair University have been approved to cater to the needs of the UAE labour market.

The Commission for Academic Accreditation in the Ministry is always seeking to accredit specialities lacking in the UAE labour market, which can contribute to the social and economic development in the country.

The Ministry has also provided hard and electronic copies of the Certificate Equivalence Guide in both Arabic and English and distributed it to the federal agencies, cultural attaches abroad, higher education institutions and school districts to introduce the Ministry’s services in addition to the most important information on its procedures.

The newly issued guide, which can be found online on the Ministry’s website, provides a detailed explanation of the three services of the departments of the Ministry including: Scholarships and Cultural Foreign Relations Department, Certificate Equivalency Department and Higher Education Planning and Coordination Department.

By Sara Sabry Staff Reporter

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