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Last Modified:  10 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

I read a fatwa which says that if a person buys land for the purpose of buying and selling, he has to pay zakaah on it. But what if someone bought some land and had no intention of selling it, but someone suddenly came along who wanted to buy it, so ...

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:52  GMT

What is the best way to offer salutations upon the Prophet (peace be upon him) and how many times a day should you do so?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:44  GMT

Is it permissible for Muslims to give money to beggars?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:43  GMT

There is a Muslim who has intersest earnings from his bank account, and he wants to give these earnings regularly in charity. Is there any reward for him from the charity that he gives? Is that money o.k. for the charity to accept, knowing that it has come from interest earnings?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:42  GMT

I would like to know, when I spend charity, how can I make sure that the blessings from Allah will be not be for me alone, but also for all of my family? I mean, if I spend a certain amount, how can it be as if the rest of my family gave a portion of that amount? Is there any procedure for this?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:41  GMT

Is it forbidden for a Muslim man or woman who is not poor to accept alms?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:40  GMT

I want to give voluntary charity to some needy people. With Ramadan approaching in a few weeks, I would like to know if I should wait until Ramadan to give this charity. Will there be more blessings in the act, since good deeds carry more blessings in the month of Ramadan?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:38  GMT

Can I pay my Zakâh to my sister who is in great need right now?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:37  GMT

There are many professional beggars in my country who make quite a lucrative living collecting Zakâh funds from people. Some of them are quite wealthy. If I mistakenly pay my Zakâh to one of these people and later find out that he was ineligible to receive Zakâh, must I pay my Zakâh over again?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:36  GMT

Is it permissible to pay one’s Zakâh to a poor person in order that he might perform Hajj?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:20  GMT

The Islamic center in my city held a fundraising event to raise money for the mosque and the Islamic school. During the event, a mosque official told us that some Islamic scholars have ruled that it is permissible for a person to pay his Zakâh to a mosque or an Islamic school. On the strength of what he said, I pledged a certain sum of money to the mosque. A portion of this sum would be my Zakâh and the rest would be voluntary charity. Is this correct? If I find some people who are in desperat ...

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:19  GMT

I have a 10 month old son for whom I have employed a maid. We are living with my parents presently and the maid has a room where she stays. However, we want to move out, and we cannot afford a place with a servant's quarter. My maid cannot afford to pay rent on the salary that she receives for her work. However, I am presently giving her a high salary for the type of work that she is doing and do not want to increase it. I want to know if I can pay her rent out of the Zakâh that is due from me. ...

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:18  GMT

If a woman possesses wealth in excess of the nisâb and her husband has a loan which he is paying with interest on installment, is the woman responsible to pay the Zakâh on her wealth (she is a housewife) or is her husband responsible to pay her Zakâh on her behalf or are both of them exempt to due to his loan?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:17  GMT

How do I pay my Zakâh on my weekly salary? How should I determine the Zakâh that I must pay on my belongings?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:15  GMT

Upon which forms of wealth is Zakâh due?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:14  GMT

I have two plots of land. Upon one, we are building our house. The other is still empty land. Must I pay Zakâh on either of these properties?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:13  GMT

If I paid my Zakâh in advance and at the end of the year find that I had greatly overestimated how much I owed, will the excess count towards my Zakâh of the following year?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:11  GMT

If I paid my Zakâh in advance and at the end of the year find that I had greatly overestimated how much I owed, will the excess count towards my Zakâh of the following year?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 09:09  GMT

I have jewelry and I want to give half of it to my daughter. I want to know if I must pay Zakâh on that share of the jewelry which I am giving to my daughter?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:29  GMT

I have invested some mony in a three-year monetary instrument with an investment firm. The instrument only comes to maturity after the completion of the full three years. Then, the money is returned to me along with any profits that I have earned from it. Do have to pay Zakâh annually on this money?

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