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Last Modified:  06 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I am a young woman from a very well-known family. All my life I have been religiously committed and of good character, as all will attest, but I do not know what is the reason that caused me to get to know a young man. I wanted to help him because he had suffered the calamity of his father’s death, and he is responsible for his siblings and his mother, but he went down the path of keeping company with bad people. I advised him and I felt it was my duty to stand beside him and advise him sin ...

Last Modified:  30 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

What is meant by exhorting the dying person to say Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah, as mentioned in the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Exhort your dying ones to say Laa ilaaha ill-Allaaha?

Last Modified:  22 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

Does a person who died of cancer as a result of smoking attain the status of a martyr?

Last Modified:  09 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

Me and my wife both commited Zina before our marriage. One occasion, Im ashamed to say, occured during her menses. We gave up this evil act and got married. But I have never made expiation by giving charity. Is the marriage valid based on this?

Last Modified:  06 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I have a question concerning suicide, as one of the friends of our family committed suicide, but it was not because of any specific reason. She was suffering from post-traumatic distress syndrome. Despite the fact that it may appear like ordinary stress, it could have had some negative effect on the brain and caused it to do some things that the person would not have done when they were well. The one who suffers this condition may be helpless to resist ideas of self-harm. Will she be regarded as ...

Last Modified:  23 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I went through a period when I used to do something wrong, which was that if I was confused between two matters, I would swear that I would not do one of them so that I could escape this confusion, and sometimes I broke a lot of the oaths. There were many of them are of various types and I cannot remember how many they were. Now I want to offer expiation for them. How can I do that?

Last Modified:  04 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

There is no doubt that each individual has his own character that Allah has given to him. Although there are characteristics that are common to all human beings, people vary with regard to the way those characteristics are combined. My question is with regard to children: how can a father deal fairly with those differences and treat his children – male and female – equally when each of them has a different attitude and character that make the parents more favourably inclined towards so ...

Last Modified:  21 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

Witchcraft and the evil eye are trials from Allaah. Will a person be rewarded if he is afflicted by either of them? Will a person be rewarded for any calamity such as disease or an accident that befalls him, or are there things that Islam says must be followed in order to attain the reward?

Last Modified:  24 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

This is really weird for me because I'm fifteen years old and a girl living in England sometimes things just get so confusing for me. I don't know what to do because slowly I think I'm losing my faith in Islam, but not in God, in Islam. I think the main reason is how sexist the people are. I mean, a boy can do anything and no one will say anything but a girl, if she goes out alone or something, then she's going to hell. I find it so unfair I get so angry just at the thought of it. I mean, why do ...

Last Modified:  20 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

If a person dies, and leaves behind bad deeds and bad things, will these bad things accumulate? Meaning if there was a father who set a bad example to his children, and his children grow up following in their father’s footsteps, will this father bear the burden of his children's sins?

Last Modified:  19 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

Will the torment of the people of Hell in Hell be neverending, or will there come a time when it will end?

Last Modified:  16 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

A man and a woman repented from an unlawful sexual relationship, but they continued to kiss and embrace, but without a sexual relationship, then they got married after that. Is this marriage permissible?

Last Modified:  30 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

If a man has intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadaan, does she have to offer expiation?

Last Modified:  26 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

As some ulama say that fellation is makruh and some say Haraam, if someone did it during one night of Ramadhan, does it nullifies his fast of the previous day?.

Last Modified:  30 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

If a person apostatises from Islam -- Allah forbid -- and then comes back to Islam before the end of the ‘iddah period and without anyone knowing about this matter, does his wife become permissible for him without renewing the marriage contract? Does this count as one divorce (talaaq)? If he had not consummated the marriage with his wife and he apostatised -- Allah forbid - - does his wife become irrevocably divorced from him straight away regardless of whether he comes back to Islam?

Last Modified:  24 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

My friend was in love with a boy when she was thirteen years old, and he was ten years older than her. She used to do everything for him, to the extent that she forgot remembrance of Allah, despite the fact that she is from a religious family. He was everything to her, and she did not pray except to ask Allah that he marry her. She didn't do anything unless it was for his sake; she even committed zina with him. But she was young and did not know what she was doing. She went to a female doctor sh ...

Last Modified:  07 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

What is 'Kaffara'? What price should have to be given for 'one raka/ oakt salah' as kaffara?

Last Modified:  26 Jun 2010 02:10  GMT

Is it permissable for a man who practice islam to talk, be friendly, and take a person who is muslim by name alone who drinks alcohol and does not pray as a friend and a helper? what is the ruling regarding taking those who do not practice their religion and go directly agains allah's commandments as friends and helpers?

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