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Last Modified:  06 Oct 2012 10:12  GMT

I am an open-minded Roman Catholic. Recently I saw a dream which I think may interest you and I hope that you will answer my question.  I dreamt that I was in the city that you call holy, namely Mecca; I dreamt that I was walking, wearing white gar ...

Last Modified:  01 Oct 2012 10:12  GMT

I am thirty-five years old. I am a Christian but I have never felt spiritually moved in the church or when praying, and I do not know what is right and what is wrong, or what the true religion is. Is Christianity true or is Islam true or is Judaism t ...

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 02:15  GMT

What does Islam teach us about hating unbelievers? What should we feel for our non-Muslim family members?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 02:12  GMT

Is it permissible in Islam to show sympathy to non-Muslims whose relatives have died by offering condolences,sending money and flowers?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 02:11  GMT

In my college, there are many activities that occur around campus in which all students gather to either share their culture, get involved in environmental activities, human rights, and now the September 11th memorial. My question is how does Islam view us as Muslims getting involved in these events with non-Muslims?

Last Modified:  20 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

It was suggested to me that I should go to the church and tell the priest that I am suffering from problems connected to witchcraft. Please note that I have gone to many shaykhs.

Last Modified:  06 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

Allah says: “and say: My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young” [al-Isra' 17:24]. My mother does not pray, and as far as I know, the one who does not pray is beyond the pale of Islam. How can it be permissible for me to pray for mercy for her in that case? But one of the seekers of knowledge told me that it is permissible for me to pray for her in this fashion only while she is still alive, because Allah may have mercy on her and guide her to start praying ...

Last Modified:  01 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

Very Happy to reach your site, hope I find my solution here, here's my story. I am a 23-years mother with two kids. I have met a 30-years Muslim man, talked together on phone, things went well, and finally I met him face to face last Saturday when we talked for 5 minutes before he leaves. Then we met again on Sunday, went to see a movie, and he kissed me on my lips. I am not sure of his adherence to Islam, all I know is that he doesn't smoke nor does he drink alcohol. He even advises me to kee ...

Last Modified:  22 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

Is it permissible for Muslims who live in secular countries to form Islamic parties, which will be official parties within the framework of the law, but whose aim will be to call people to Allaah?

Last Modified:  12 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I am a Junior doctor working in UK. We muslim doctors are usually at work during Juma prayer time. Hence often it UK doctors at work offer Juma prayer in small rooms which are either Multifaith rooms(where people from all faith can pray, ofter idols are kept in these rooms which are covered during Juma prayer) or in dedicated muslim prayer rooms. In my hospital there is a dedicated muslim prayer room where we offer prayer regularly at least for day time prayers, but still as this room is small, ...

Last Modified:  29 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible for me to say to non-Muslims “And the same to you” when they wish me a Happy New Year or say Best Wishes?

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible to attend the celebrations of Christian festivals and congratulate them?

Last Modified:  20 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

What do you say to Muslims in the United Kingdom who celebrate at Christmas time by holding dinner parties in their houses on Christmas or afterwards, for their Muslim families, such as preparing roast turkey and the other dishes of the traditional Christmas dinner, and they adorn their houses with balloons and paper chains, and they do the “secret Santa” tradition, whereby each relative brings a gift for one of the people present and these gifts are brought to the party to be given to ...

Last Modified:  19 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible for Muslims to take part in their festivals, such as Christmas?

Last Modified:  02 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Here in Australia when someone sneezes the other says Bless you so I do the same when a chirstian sneezes. but ofcourse when iam at home/with friends i say Alhamdulillah. so is it permissible to say Bless You.

Last Modified:  14 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

Is it true that the person who is used to studying in Islamic schools, and has no previous experience of studying in non-Islamic schools, will never be able to connect with the environment that surrounds him, where most of the people are non-Muslims and that he will grow up shy and will never find any way to succeed either in his academic life or in the workplace? What is your opinion about that?.

Last Modified:  31 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

I am a woman and I have a friend who wants to embrace Islam, but when he found out that he would have to fast, and that when fasting he would have to avoid eating and drinking, he backed off, because he is addicted to coffee and he drinks it all the time, because he suffers from migraines and headaches, and it is like a remedy for him. How can I help him? Do you have any suggestions?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

There is a man who has land and has non-Muslim workers. They asked him to give them food during the day in Ramadan, otherwise they will leave the job. And in fact he did bring them food in Ramadan throughout the month. What is your opinion on this action?

Last Modified:  09 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

Hi, forgive me if I do not greet accordingly or speak in manner unacceptable. I truly mean no disrespect. I write because I have been considering in accepting Allah as my only God. However, I find myself confused and this is why I seek your advice. Up until almost a year ago I attended a Baptist church and became a Christian. When I made this decision I changed my life for the better. I stop drinking, I married the father of my daughter and changed the type of music a listened to and what clothi ...

Last Modified:  21 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

Hello. I have a question. Christ spoke about Trinity and said that he was the son of God. Can you -- please -- explain this verse in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28, verses 16 to 20? Does that prove that Jesus Christ is the son of God? I was thinking of embracing Islam, but things like this are problematic for me. Thank you very much.

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