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Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 01:33  GMT

What are we going to do if somebody narrated a dream to us, especially a bad dream? What are the Islamic rulings concerning dreams?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 01:33  GMT

I have a question with regards to the Dead Sea, the saltiest sea between Jordan and Palestine. Is it prohibited or disliked to swim or be present in the area of the Dead Sea? I heard that the reason for this is that it is the location where Allah visited his wrath upon Lot's people.

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 01:31  GMT

If a good dream that comes true is a portion of prophesy, then how come it happens that the dreams of unbelievers sometimes come true?

Last Modified:  31 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

My daughter is 16 and she has been chatting with a relative who is 3 years elder than her. They insist that they are good friends and that they treat each other as siblings.

Last Modified:  18 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

What is the reward on teaching someone arabic? and is there any hadiths?, also what if i ask some to teach me but he refuses to teach me?

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