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Last Modified:  30 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

I used to know a girl and I tried to marry her, to no avail. Her family arranged her marriage to someone else although she was reluctant. If we enter Paradise, by Allah's leave, will Allah cause her to be married to her husband whom she was reluctant to marry or the man who dreamt of being her husband?

Last Modified:  26 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

What is your advice to one who fights witchcraft with witchcraft in order to solve marital problems?

Last Modified:  15 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

Is it permissible for a person who is about to get married for the first time to read some books in order to learn how to be intimate with his wife, so long as the books do not contain any pictures?

Last Modified:  01 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

I have just been married few weeks back and I found out that my wife is suffering from epilepsy/fits.She starts shivering and gets unconcious for a while. She or her family did not inform us with the situation. What should I do?

Last Modified:  31 May 2011 02:10  GMT

I asked a scholar he said we are irrevocably divorce. Now I want marry her again. She wants to marry a man (unable to have sexual relation) who is terminally ill and will die in few days (according to doctors advice). In order for me to remarry her. So، She may pay the man on his deathbed to marry her. If He dies will she be halal for me to marry?

Last Modified:  27 May 2011 02:10  GMT

My husband travelled before the end of his three nights in my house (as we both agreed). Does he have to come back as soon as he returns to complete the remaining two nights, or can he choose where he wants to stay for the next three?

Last Modified:  26 May 2011 02:10  GMT

My husband is hafiz Qur'aan and he prays regularly on time, and he is well known among the people to be religiously-committed, but he loves the permissive channels. We have arguments and a bad relationship because of this. I have tried to make him understand that he is doing wrong, but with no success. I want a solution to this problem.

Last Modified:  05 May 2011 02:10  GMT

My husband gets annoyed at my reading Qur'aan a lot, as he says, because I am leaving him alone. Will I be sinning if I stop reading Qur'aan for him because he wants me to watch TV with him? If I do not read Qur'aan and I sit with him, will I be sinning whether that is during the day or at night in Ramadaan? Please note that I try to read Qur'aan when he is sleeping or doing something that keeps him busy, and I do not read much, but I am learning tajweed [correct recitation].

Last Modified:  02 May 2011 02:10  GMT

Iam living in non muslim country and wanna get married..It is hard and expensive to go to the nearest islamic center here or to the embassy to write the marriage cerytificate..i wanna ask is it ok to write a paper to say that we got married and we care about each other..and also then we can officially get married in our country when we go there...

Last Modified:  30 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

Is it permissible to marry the daughter of one's grandfather? For your information, what I mean here by grandfather is the maternal uncle of my mother. In other words, is it permissible to marry the daughter of my mother's maternal uncle?

Last Modified:  24 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

I said to my wife: If you check my mobile phone you are divorced. I am worried that she will check my mobile phone. What is the solution?

Last Modified:  22 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

My wife went to visit her relatives and she used to stay up with her cousin until 3 a.m., and they were on their own. On two occasions she took a picture of him when he was sleeping, and on one occasion she kissed him and she was always sitting next to him. His wife was annoyed by this and I am too. I told her that what she did was wrong and that it is not permissible according to Islam, and she is religiously committed. I noticed that her cousin is excessively interested in her and she is more ...

Last Modified:  21 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

There is a young man who has not got married yet, but he found out that he has varicose veins on his testes. He did a test of his sperm and the result was bad; his sperm count was two million per millilitre and the motility was very very weak. Then he had surgery on the varicose veins, and after three months he did another test on his sperm and found that the result was much improved, but he still needed treatment because the improvement may only last three to twelve months. Now the number of ...

Last Modified:  18 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

A year ago I proposed marriage to a girl and we reached an agreement on all issues, but the engagement has now gone on for a long time. Now I want to do the marriage contract, but her family are refusing and they say that she is still studying, and I have to wait three years until she finishes her studies in the university, then we can get married. I do not know whether it is haraam for the engagement to last so long or not. I appreciate your website.

Last Modified:  15 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

I got engaged to a young man two years ago, and one year after the engagement the marriage contract was done, but we were still waiting until the marital home is ready. My problem with him is that he wants us to have marital relations in full but without consummating the marriage. If I refuse he threatens to cheat on me if I do not respond to him. He has doubts about me to such an extent that he does not let me go out or speak to my friends, and he made me give up work on the grounds that this ...

Last Modified:  14 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

Although I want to get married and have children, like all women, I am very hesitant to go ahead and do that. I have had offers, but I am worried that ifI agree to marry someone, he will turn out to be not of good character, and I do not know what will happen to me after that. I hope that you can advise me about my problem.

Last Modified:  11 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

I had divorced my wife in the time of purity which we had physical marital relationship / had sexual intercourse. And after few weeks she travelled going to her home country and before travelling she asked me to write her a paper to confirm her divorce, which I did write and when she was in her home country she went to a court and made an official divorce certificate. After a period of almost six months she returned to the country where I was and we meet and re-marry again and after one year of ...

Last Modified:  07 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

I'm married to a woman who has a daughter from a previous marriage and she lives with us. Her daughter is from zina which I think is important to note. Am I her wali? Am I the one who gives her away to a husband? I've heard the hadith about how daughters will be a shield for they're father from the Fire on the Day of Judgement. Do I qualify for that benefit?

Last Modified:  05 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

For about 2 years now my husband and I have been having extreme marry difficulties, the problems have gotten soo bad that it has ended up in 2 divorces, the first divorce he took me back (having intercourse with me), the second divorce he just touched me (without having intercourse),but the touch was in a romatic way. He claims that I am still divorced, because he says that he has to have actual intercourse with me, I have passed one period, so he says that I have 2 more left and my iddah is ove ...

Last Modified:  05 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

A man proposed marriage to a woman and her relatives agreed to that, and they agreed on the mahr with him, but he did not pay it. Then the fiancé died. What is the ruling on that? Does the woman in question inherit from him and should she observe mourning for him?

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