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Judicial Issues

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:08  GMT

Can a judge pass a verdict based on his personal knowledge of a case, or must he limit himself to the evidence presented in court?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:07  GMT

Can a non-Muslim be appointed judge in an Islamic judicial system?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:06  GMT

If a non-Muslim government appoints a Muslim judge to decide matters relating to Muslims according to Islamic Law, must the Muslims obey him and submit to his verdicts?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:05  GMT

What does Islam say about conflict resolution between disputants by bringing about an amicable settlement between them? Is this a valid way of achieving justice?

Last Modified:  27 Aug 2011 08:04  GMT

Quite often, lawyers present cases in a way that the innocent party gets punished and the guilty party wins the case. At times, the innocent party can get the death penalty. Lawyers fight the case only for money and they often defend crimes. The judge has to decide on the basis of what has been presented to him. In such cases, who is to be blamed?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 01:01  GMT

How are civil cases carried out and decided in an Islamic court of law?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 01:00  GMT

I have been summoned to do jury service here in the UK. What is the Islamic ruling on this?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 12:59  GMT

How does the Muslim judge consider each of the following factors in determining the weight and sufficiency of testimony presented in an Islamic court of law: (a) the gender of the witnesses (b) their moral quality and integrity (c) their relationship to the litigants (d) their interest in the outcome of the case

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 12:58  GMT

In a British court of law, I have to respond the judge by saying "My Lord". Is it Islamically permissable? I ask this because I understand that our only Lord is Allah.

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