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Inheritance & Estates

Last Modified:  30 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

This is regarding the division of property among my father,his brothers and sisters.My father is the eldest followed by 4 brothers ,that is five brothers totally , all are married with well settled lifes with children, one of my fathers brothers died instate leaving his fmaily which comprises of three daughters and spouse, on the same hand my fathers sisters are again 5 all are well settled except one sister who lost her husband and daughter in an accident, All the sisters have completed their d ...

Last Modified:  02 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Before he died, my father instructed me to build a mosque with some of his money as an ongoing charity. It is to have a prayer room on the ground floor and above it a charitable medical centre and an institution for memorising Qur'aan, as well as an Islamic library and a private parking lot for visitors to the medical centre. Is it permissible to build above and beneath the mosque or is it better to change the request and build the mosque on its own and have the rest of the charitable activiti ...

Last Modified:  25 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

If a person have no son but 3 duaghters,how his wealth will be devided?is there share of his brothr, sons if his brothr has died.

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