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Heterodox Muslim Sects

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:17  GMT

Could you please clarify to me the teachings of Ghulam Ahmad and give me a ruling on this group called the Ahmadiyyah?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:16  GMT

I would like to know more about a group called Al-Ahbâsh.

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:14  GMT

Why do the Shî`ah practice what they do on the day of `Ashûrâ and why do Muslims fast on that day?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:12  GMT

I have visited a number of Shî`ah websites where they convincingly prove their doctrines using hadîth found in Sunnî sources. I will present you with just one example to illustrate what they are doing: The Messenger of Allah said to `Alî: “Glad tiding O Ali! Verily you and your companions and your Shî`ah will be in Paradise.” Sunni References: 1- Fadâ'il al-Sahâbah by Ahmad ibn Hanbal (v.2, p.655) 2- Hilyah al-Awliyâ' by Abu Nu`aym (v.4, p.329) 3- Tarîkh Baghdâd by al-Kh ...

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:09  GMT

There are different types of Shî`ah. One of the sects are called the "Bohras". Can you explain how they differ from the other sects of the Shî`ah?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:08  GMT

Is it true that all the Shî`ah are unbelievers?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:06  GMT

I would like to know about the Nizârî Ismâ`îlî sect. What is the proper Islamic position regarding their beliefs and what is the best way to give da`wah to their members?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:05  GMT

I came across a website that stated some Shî`ah beliefs supposedly drawn from their primary book of hadîth. I was just wondering if these are truly the beliefs of the Ithnâ`asharî Shî`ah: “Allah often lies and makes mistakes." [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/328)] “Allah has the Quality of Badâ' (changing his mind).” [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/283)] “The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to angels, prophets and messengers.” [Usûl al-Kâfî (1/255)]

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 07:00  GMT

Who are the Nusayrîs? Are they to be considered Muslims or unbelievers?

Last Modified:  22 Aug 2011 06:49  GMT

Could you please give us the Islamic ruling on Sufism?

Last Modified:  07 Jul 2011 02:11  GMT

We have decided to buy a new house to live in, in Baghdad. But my father refuses to live anywhere except the area in which he grew up, which is a Shia area where rituals of shirk are done every year and the people whip themselves with chains in mourning for al-Husayn, or so they say. Now we, the sons, are confused: should we go against our father and prevent him from buying a house in this area, or should we give in to what he wants out of obedience to him even though we are able to stop him fro ...

Last Modified:  13 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

What is the reasoning behind the Hanbali madhab stating that it is makruh in the to face the sun or moon when answering the call of nature ? This is the mutamad position as it is agreed upon in both al-Iqna and al-Muntaha. Ibn al-Qayyim states in Miftah Dar al-Sa'ada (2.205-206), Not a single word about this has been reported from the Prophet , not with an authentic or weak isnad, or a mursal or continuous isnad. This issue has no foundation (asl) in the shar'. But still there are still ...

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