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Funerals & Burials

Last Modified:  03 Oct 2012 10:12  GMT

Is it permissible to uncover the face of the deceased inside the grave? What is the evidence for uncovering the bier of the deceased, for men, during the funeral procession?.Praise be to Allaah.

Last Modified:  27 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

Is it prescribed to call the people via loudspeakers by saying “as-salaatu jaami‘ah (prayer is about to begin)”?.Praise be to Allaah. It is not ...

Last Modified:  24 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

embed It is mustahabb when washing the deceased to remove his clothes -- this is the view of the majority of scholars -- apart from his �awrah, which must be covered, and there is no difference of opinion on this point.Al-Bahooti (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Then his clothes should be removed -- this is recommended, because that makes it possible to wash him and purify him more effectively, and it is more akin to washing one who is alive, and it is mo ...embed It says in al-Mawsoo ...

Last Modified:  17 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

What is the ruling on raising the hands in supplication when one offers supplication (du‘aa’) in the graveyard after the burial?Praise be to Allah.

Last Modified:  13 Sep 2012 10:56  GMT

There are “topics” for Messenger of different types, including some that are called Islamic topics. I chose one of these topics for my e-mail. Is it permissible for me to do that? Please note that chat or writing begins with this Islamic topic th ...

Last Modified:  06 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

Where should the imam stand in relation to the deceased in the funeral prayer, if the funeral is for a man or a woman?Praise be to Allah.

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 12:04  GMT

Could you please describe to me the procedure of washing and shrouding the body?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:54  GMT

Is cremation allowed in Islam?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:53  GMT

Some people told me that it is permitted for me to wash my wife when she dies, but others say that death terminates my marriage with her, so I am only allowed to view her face and not touch her. Please clarify this matter for me.

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:52  GMT

If a Muslim woman wants to wash her deceased husband, who can assist her in the washing? Should it be men who are mahram to her, like her sons, or women that were mahram to her husband, such as his daughters?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:50  GMT

Three days back, my grandmother passed away. One thing about her funeral preparations really disturbed me. There's a tradition here that they decorate the deceased woman's hands with henna, claiming that it is Sunnah. They argue that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to apply henna to his beard, so it is Sunnah. Then they wash it off while giving the bath to the body. Can you please tell me if this is correct to do? If not, does the deceased incur any sin because her successors are doing what ...

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:49  GMT

Is it permissible to bury a body in grave built in such a way that sides of the grave are of solid cement blocks and the top is covered with a concrete slab? Would this be considered an imitation of the unbelievers?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:48  GMT

What salutations should be offered to the inhabitants of the graves? Are there special salutations for prophets and martyrs?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:47  GMT

Can we recite Qur’ân at the graves for the dead? Can we hire people for this purpose?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:46  GMT

Is it permissible to raise the soil level of the grave and to put verses of the Qur'ân on a gravestone?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:45  GMT

I would like to know if there is any time limit for reusing gravesites. I hear that in Arab countries, after around 40 yrs, graves are demolished and new graves are then made. Is it allowed?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:44  GMT

I live in a non-Muslim country. The city in which I live is far away from the nearest Muslim graveyard. It takes many hours to drive to that graveyard from here, making matters difficult for the Muslims who live here to attend the burials and visit the graves of their relatives. Is it permissible to forego the Muslim graveyard and bury our deceased Muslims in the local non-Muslim graveyard? Is a Muslim graveyard really necessary?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:43  GMT

It is a general understanding that the coffin should be carried the shoulders of its bearers. If we look at coffin designs, especially Christians coffins, they have handles. It is much easier to carry it hanging rather than hoisting the coffin upon the shoulders. Is it really necessary to carry the coffin on the shoulders in Islamic Law?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:42  GMT

Is it permissible for the dead to be burried in wooden boxes as is done in other countries? If no, would it be allowed in a case where a body is being transported to another country and it will take four days to arrive at its destination?

Last Modified:  25 Aug 2011 11:41  GMT

Many scholars hold the opinion that when burying a body in the grave, upon throwing the first handful one should say, "Of this (i.e. the earth) We created you," and on the second handful one should say, "And to it shall We cause you to return," and on the third handful one should say, "And of it We shall cause you to be resurrected a second time." Is this practice established by the Sunnah?

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