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Divorce & `Iddah

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:26  GMT

My wife refused to have conjugal relations with me one night and I said to her in anger: “From this moment forward, consider yourself my wife in public only, but you are not my wife in what is between you and me.” I meant by it that she is not like my wife with respect to sex. Does this count as a pronouncement of divorce?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:24  GMT

Recently, I divorced my wife who is pregnant and it was the third divorce. When I divorced my wife the first time, which was over 2 years ago, I was definitely in a state of extreme anger. However, at that time I did not know the rulings of anger, so I counted it as a first divorce. Now that I know about the affects of anger, is it permissible for me to say that the first divorce was not valid, and therefore my wife has only been divorced twice? Please note that everything else regarding the div ...

Last Modified:  27 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

There is a woman who is seventy-six years old. She wears gold bangles on her wrists that were given to her by her husband, who told her that she should never take them off as long as she lives, and that if she died these bangles would be cut off. Now he has died, so what should she do? As is well known, the woman whose husband dies should not wear gold or perfume, etc for four months. So what should she do?

Last Modified:  26 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

Is a Talaq taken place if inlaws bribed police and police without any reason asking to divorce my wife just to get meher and other jewellery because she has all my money and jewelery with her which i asked to keep with them the policemen men threatened to beat me very severely and will be framed in false cases to be kept enough in the jail at least for 2 months and under there pressure they asked me to sign on a paper and write i give my wife talaq talaq talaq Is talaq taken place?

Last Modified:  24 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

One of my wifes divorced Muslim friends is not married and is pregnant. She wants to know if it is haraam for her to have an abortion or whether she should keep it (she is 4 weeks pregnant). The man who has made her pregnant also wants to marry her. Can she get married while she is pregnant ? There is no chance that anyone else is the father.

Last Modified:  19 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

My question is about divorce I am a brithish revert muslim and I am married to my wife also revert we been married 3 months now and we was together before we were practising, we sometimes have trivial arguments which lead us to anger and say things we both dont mean out of anger I said on many occasions that I divorce you which I did not mean, once I was calm and was aware of what I was actually saying and meaning. Recently it was brought to my attention that after it being said three times th ...

Last Modified:  12 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

I am a reverted sister living alone at the moment. I left my country to marry a man in another country. After a short time, my family started to make major problems for me, that could have caused bad problems for my husband or myself, so I left without his permission, and went back to my country. I was certain I could never go back to my husband, but I was in love with him, and missed him a lot. I decided to try to make things work for everyone. I started to talk again to my husband, and told hi ...

Last Modified:  27 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

I was a non-Muslim woman, and I used to befriend a non-Muslim man who converted into Islam after he was sent to prison. While in prison, he helped me to know my way to Islam by sending me Islamic books, dawah materials and alike, by correspondence. I entered islam already and we agreed to marry once he is out and released from prison. But after one year, I get acquainted with a good Muslim man from our district who is keeping prayers at mosque, known to be religious in society, and even he has b ...

Last Modified:  08 Jun 2011 02:10  GMT

I divorced some time ago. I would like to know if my ex-husband children (my nieces and nephews) are still part of my family and if I have to treat them as next of kin. These are the children of my brother in-law and my sister in-law. Am I still obliged to keep the ties of kinship with my sister in-law and brother in-law even though I am not more marry with their brother?

Last Modified:  01 May 2011 02:11  GMT

My husband divorced me a month ago over the phone and he said it three times. Is it permissible to go back to him?

Last Modified:  27 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

I have a question regarding a divorce. My wife who is a revert asked me for a divorce 8 weeks ago. She has moved out of the house for a month now and havent talked to her for 2 weeks. I recently found out that she is talking to a non-muslim and is practicing signing her new name with his last name. I have not given her Khula as I tried everything to make her get a divorce according to Sharia. What should I do now when she has gone so far away from Islam? Should I still encourage her to do her Id ...

Last Modified:  14 Apr 2011 02:10  GMT

Last Modified:  27 Mar 2011 02:10  GMT

If I divorced my wife with one talaaq, whilst she is still in her ‘iddah is it permissible for me to do a new misyaar marriage contract? Do I have to do get the permission of her guardians for a new marriage contract? If her guardian did not know about the misyaar marriage and did not agree to it, is it permissible for the imam to take the place of her guardian?

Last Modified:  24 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

A man divorced his wife and he has children from her who are living with him, and his ex-wife is living with her mother. Is it permissible for him to give the zakaah of his wealth to his ex-wife, knowing that she has no one to take care of her?

Last Modified:  19 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

My problem i got married with a divorced gal , we had a relation before her nikkah , but she got nikkah with some1 else .. After her nikkah she got divorced wid him n thn i married wid her only nikkah infact .. After my nikkah her family forced her to take a khulla from me , i didnt want to give her a divorced i forced her to not to do this thing but she waz arguin wid me n she has taken a khula from court .. On may 2009 , but confusion is today 20th may 2010 still i dont sign that divorced form ...

Last Modified:  15 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I request you to please let me know the sharia ruling with regard to my situation. Couple of days back I came across some fatwas / figh explanation from an Islamic forum regarding divorce which made me anxious with regard to my current married life. As a consequence of this, I decided to write to you and seek the correct position InshaAllah. I have been married for over 15 years now. Except the past 7 months, I was always living and working alone in different cities / countries while my wife u ...

Last Modified:  06 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

What is the ruling concerning someone who gets divorced before the consummation of the marriage concerning the exchanging of rings? For the fatiha ceremony before the aaqd party there was an exchange of rings following the western tradition that the man would wear a ring and the woman also received a ring. The ring was not stipulated as being part of the mahr... and it was an expensive diamond ring. I am a convert to Islam and when i did this exchange of rings I gave my mothers diamond ring whic ...

Last Modified:  06 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

If a man divorces his wife, and he does not know that she is menstruating, then after the divorce the woman says that she was menstruating at the time of the divorce, should what she says about that be accepted?

Last Modified:  03 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I live in UK, I married a sister in Muslim country, for her religiousness. But after marriage, I find that she is not as religious as she showed before the marriage. I only married her for her religion but not for her beauty or wealth or nobility. Now I feel disappointed marrying her as she is much lower in religiousness then what she showed and what I expected. I am not sure what to do? My future plan was to make future children scholars of Islam (InshaAllah) but i feel she is not the right m ...

Last Modified:  24 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I had divorced my wife in the time of purity which we had physical marital relationship / had sexual intercourse. And after few weeks she travelled going to her home country and before travelling she asked me to write her a paper to confirm her divorce, which I did write and when she was in her home country she went to a court and made an official divorce certificate. After a period of almost six months she returned to the country where I was and we meet and re-marry again and after one year of ...

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