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Divorce & `Iddah

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 06:59  GMT

I am newly married and I have suspected my husband of visiting pornographic websites and masturbating for a while now. Today, sadly, my suspicions have been confirmed. What is Islam's ruling on this? I am very upset about this and do not know how to deal with this issue. I am seriously considering divorce.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 06:58  GMT

Is it permissible for a person who has two wives to divorce one of his wives so that his close friend who is unmarried and whom he truly loves for the sake of Allah, can marry her? This is what one of the Companions did. The person who wishes to follow in this Companion's footsteps wants to do this purely for the sake of Allah and for no other reason. He wants to follow the guidance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that "None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he lo ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 06:57  GMT

I married my cousin who is a divorcee and older than me by four years. I married her for her good religious character. She has nothing of worldly possessions that anyone could covet. My father and mother are very angry with me and refuse to allow me to see them or to even enter their home. They say that they will never condone what I have done, on account of my marrying a woman who is older than me and a divorcee. Am I sinful and am I a disobedient son by refusing to divorce her?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 06:55  GMT

I am a man who has been diagnosed with fertility problems after seven years of marriage without a child. Now, her family has found out about the problem and they are demanding that we get divorced. Do they have the right to force us to get divorced, even against their daughter’s will? What do you advise me to do?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:56  GMT

If a man says to his wife in a joke "You are divorced" or "I divorce you", has a divorce actually taken place?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:55  GMT

Is a divorce in writing valid if no verbal pronouncement is given?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:54  GMT

I live in America, and I am married with children. Almost 15 months ago, my wife left the house taking the children with her. She went to live with her brother. Then my wife sent a complain to one imâm in New York and asked him for a khul`. This imâm is only an imâm of a mosque and not someone duly appointed to handle marital affairs. However, he gave her a paper and said that she is free to marry another man. He never sent me a copy of the paper or anything. Last week, I found out that she g ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:53  GMT

Here in Pakistan, we are taught that when we divorce our wives, we must issue a pronouncement every 40 days until we complete three pronouncements. Is this true?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:52  GMT

If a man makes three pronouncements of divorce at one time, does it count as three divorces or a single divorce?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:51  GMT

My wife asked me to swear that if I do a certain thing, we will be unlawful for each other. I refused. She insisted many times. Lastly, to console her and with a firm conviction in my heart not to divorce her, I said: "If I do this, we will be separated" and I stepped back a little. Later on, unfortunately, I did that thing. I consulted a legal scholar in my locality who said that since I did not used the word "divorce" and my intention was not to divorce, then it was not a d ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:50  GMT

Does a divorce take effect if the man who pronounces it is drunk or angry?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:49  GMT

Is it permissible to issue a pronouncement of divorce on a woman during her menses? Is such a divorce valid?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:48  GMT

A woman’s husband repudiated her on three different occasions, saying that she was unlawful to him “like the back of his mother”. However, when he repudiated her, he was angry. Then he repudiated his wife for the third time. She would like to know if these repudiations were valid.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:47  GMT

If a woman wants a khul` separation because of her husband’s neglect and bad treatment, and he refuses to grant her request, can the judge force him to grant her a khul`?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:36  GMT

I heard that if a man divorces his wife before consummating the marriage with her but after enjoying privacy with her, then it is as if he has consummated the marriage with her and all the rulings of divorce after consummation apply. Is this true? What is the proof for it? Doesn't it contradict verse 49 of Sûrah al-Ahzâb?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:33  GMT

Some ten years ago, I said to my wife in an anger “O my mother, please stop nagging me.” At that time, I did not know the consequence of declaring one’s wife one’s mother. Now, we are happily married and living together. Only recently I have come to know that this is prohibited in Islam. Can you please advice me as to what I should do now?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:32  GMT

If a man is unsure wheher he has divorced his wife on two occasions or three, does he have the right to take his wife back and resume his marriage with her, or will his divorce be construed as irrevocable?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:31  GMT

A man told his wife after an argument that if she ever again asks him for a divorce, then she will effectively be divorced as of that moment. Another argument happened a few months later and she asked him to divorce her. He did not say anything. He just left her. What should he do now?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:30  GMT

I sometimes utter the words of divorce to myself due to my suffering from constant thoughts and misgivings about divorce. Can you please clarify for me if uttering a divorce statement in such a manner is different than a deliberate pronouncement? And if so, how is it different? I was under the impression that with respect to a clear statement like "I divorce you", scholars say that an intention is NOT required. I am confused. I know for sure it is not my intention to say such silly sta ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:29  GMT

Please explain to me the difference between zihâr and îlâ'. How does one expiate for each of these?

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