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Last Modified:  01 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I know someone who sells perfumes for 30 riyals. Is it permissible for me to see what my relatives want and go back and buy them from him, and sell them to them for 45 or 50 riyals?

Last Modified:  29 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Using a credit card that is not covered (MasterCard) but in the following manner: Firstly: there is no Islamic bank here (I live in Germany) Secondly: the company that issues the credit card does not provide current accounts to cover the card or even any other bank accounts to cover it, but it is possible to put money on the card by transferring money to the bank company account. I only use the card for buying things so as to avoid interest. Before buying anything I put money on the card to ...

Last Modified:  27 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible for me to take my right to take my money and other things (that I lent to him) back from a person most of whose wealth is haraam? If it is not permissible, how can I get my dues?

Last Modified:  26 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

In Australia during christmas there are huge discounts on things like clothing, furniture, electronics etc. is it permisible to shop to get this discount which is generally not available during other part of the year?

Last Modified:  26 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I work for a company which pays me a fixed salary for the job I do. I help them with their transaction of money, and beside my salary they pay me 8% commission on each transaction I do for them. I am not sure whether it's permissible for me to take this commission or not.

Last Modified:  25 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I make handcrafted eid cards as a hobby and a source of income. I would like to know whether it is Bidah to do this? I have been told that everything is halal unless it has been specifically made haram. Please help as this is the time of year that people buy the cards from me and I really need to know whether I am doing something wrong.

Last Modified:  25 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I am employee in one of the government departments. The hours of work are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., but our boss in this department lets us start work at 7 a.m. and work until 2 p.m.. What is the ruling on that part of the salary that is for the hour that I do not work? Is it permissible for me to consume it or should I give it in charity?.

Last Modified:  21 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I live in the u.s. and am employed with a retail clothing company that has two end-of-year traditions effecting its employees. 1. Issuance of a christmas bonus in an amount determined by salary and company sales performance. 2. An allotment of $50 to be used for, or towards a holiday meal of their choosing. Are these actions considered unacceptable gifts?.

Last Modified:  20 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

There is a factory that makes glass gifts, such as perfume bottles and candlesticks and exports them to other countries. I have been offered a position with responsibility for exports, but the factory will ask me to make some gifts that are just for Christian holidays (Christmas) such as crosses and images. Â Is this work permissible? I fear Allaah now that I have been blessed with some knowledge and have memorized His Book.

Last Modified:  18 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I am a man who works as a muezzin in return for a salary from the awqaaf. It was said to me: If you receive a salary then you will not get the reward. And I do not want that; rather I want the reward. Please note that I only take the salary because I do not have any other income, but I prefer the reward of the Hereafter to the reward of this world. I hope that you will clarify this, may Allah bless you.

Last Modified:  15 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

My father works in a tourist restaurant where there is no alcohol, only food and drink. He gets a share of the daily profits and a monthly salary. The tourists come in buses and do not pay the bill after eating; rather it is the tour company that pays the bills for the food. During the meal, the bus drivers wait outside. The owner gives my father some money every day and says to him: Give tips to the bus drivers. The owner of the restaurant and the owner of the tour company know a ...

Last Modified:  15 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I work in a factory that produces milk and milk products. Since the crisis that affected raw materials used in milk production, the owner of the factory began to reduce the amounts. According to international standards we should put 1030 grams, i.e., the equivalent of 1 litre, but since that crisis he puts 1000 grams instead of 1030, even though the state supports him with raw materials. But when he is being watched he asks his employees to go back to the original amount, i.e., 1030 grams. ...

Last Modified:  11 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

My husband and I owe money which contains interest. We were wondering if it is permissible to claim bankruptcy with the intention of paying it back to who we owe the money to. With the amount of debt we have most of our payments go towards it monthly, however it is not minimizing our debt it is only paying interest on it. And if we claim bankruptcy then the interest will stop and we can pay back what we owe. Is this an honest way of doing this or do we have to continue paying our monthly bills k ...

Last Modified:  06 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

What is the ruling on a woman selling perfumes in trade fairs and shopping centres to which men and women go? And selling perfumes and bakhoor (incense) to men and women, and burning bakhoor in the store constantly so as to attract customers, when it is possible that some of the fragrance may get onto her, such as the bakhoor and perfumes that she is offering for sale?

Last Modified:  28 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

I entered a professional institute which only requires a high school certificate (secondary education). I have a diploma from the same government foundation to which this institute belongs, but they won't accept you if you have any certificate higher than the general high school certificate. So I did not tell them that I have a diploma and I gave them the high school certificate only. They accepted me and I studied with them and learned a profession, but after that I regretted it and repented an ...

Last Modified:  24 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

I am an administrative employee of the state (civil servant) in charge of accounts, preparing and equipping. Recently I was given the task by the department of buying an apartment within the capacity of equipping. Because I am a stranger to the area where I work, I got in touch with a trustworthy person and told him about the matter, i.e., so that he could be like an intermediary in looking for an apartment, and he accepted. Then we visited a number of apartments to find a suitable one, and fina ...

Last Modified:  22 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

There is a new phenomenon among gold dealers whereby, if a person comes with various types of gold jewellery with the aim of exchanging it for some other kind, the seller can weigh the gold to buy the same weight of jewellery of the same kind, but he asks for much more than the gold. Is this riba? Please advise us, may Allah reward you

Last Modified:  18 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

I bought a piece of land for five thousand riyals, but when I registered it, I recorded the value (of the land) as eight thousand riyals, then the neighbour of the land took me to court for his right to have first refusal on purchasing the land, and I yielded to him, and he gave me the amount I had recorded, which was eight thousand riyals. What is the ruling on this additional amount? Is it permissible for me to take it or not?.

Last Modified:  10 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

Muslim femail who has been earning since a few years but recently came to know that Qurbani is wajib on her because she is earning. How can she compensiate for all those previous years for which she didnt offer sacrifice.

Last Modified:  02 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

I was walking outside and foound a winning lottery ticket on the ground that nobody has claimed. Is it permissible for me to cash it in because i did not put any money or goods to purchase the ticket which is the definition of gambling. Please advise.

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