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Last Modified:  17 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I have teaching experience at home, teaching my own brothers, cousins and now my children. Is it permitted for me to disclose this as institutional experience or otherwise as teaching experience while appling for a teaching job in a school?

Last Modified:  16 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I am studying in Australia, and they require everyone who comes here to buy compulsory insurance for the individual but they do not require it for his family. Some young men buy insurance for themselves and their families, because they save money by doing so. Is that permissible?

Last Modified:  10 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

I have a question regarding selling and buying of zamzam water. I heard from somebody that selling zamzam water is not permissible. I want to know if this is true and can somebody bring the zamzam water from saudi arabia and sell it in other countries? please answer with references from hadith.

Last Modified:  08 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

Ive invested to buy flats, unfortunately the company has gone bankrupt, I'was suppose to get my flats last year. My intention was to rent these flats, i'm not sure when the flats will be handed over to me, my question is, do i need to pay zakah on the money i've paid. Please note as per the deal the comapny has given me a check of 50,000 to encash it after the hand over of the flats (this was additional to the flats). I've the checque with me, but they are not allowing me to enchash it, as they' ...

Last Modified:  03 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

What is the ruling on exchanging currency notes? Is the profit that results from selling one currency for another at the market price permissible? Â Also, what is the ruling if, for example, I change one thousand riyals into euros, then I immediately change it into dollars, then I immediately change it into riyals, and I end up with one thousand and ten riyals, based on the global prices for currency exchange?

Last Modified:  01 Feb 2011 03:10  GMT

My question is about bank interest(sood). I live in england as a foreign student. here in england a bank is offering an account which allows you to overdraw up to £2500.which is free for first 4 months from the date of opening the account. if you withdraw the money after 4 months or you withdrew the money before that period and you didnt pay back the money you would be charged £1 daily no matter you withdrew £1 or £2500.there are no other charges. Does this £1 daily charge come ...

Last Modified:  30 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

My brother asked me to take out a loan from the bank in my name, in the form of shares, and then sell them and give him the price in cash, and he will pay the bank the instalments in full. I am uncomfortable about this matter because he is paying more than he took. What is the ruling, may Allah bless you?

Last Modified:  27 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

There is a businessman who was offered money by a man in order to do business for him, but the one who offered this money deals with bribes and riba. Is there any sin on this businessman?

Last Modified:  26 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible to borrow money from a person who is known to deal in haraam things and to be engaged in haraam actions?

Last Modified:  25 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

About 4 years ago as a part of my MBA program I had to work as an internee in a bank for 3 months. My CV was sent to the bank from my university along with some other students’ CV and the bank selected me as internee. Though it was a commercial bank, the branch where I worked as internee was an Islamic Banking branch of this bank. In this branch they used Mudaraba system and here the principle was ‘Profit sharing, Loss bearing’; (though in my 3months of internship time I found tha ...

Last Modified:  25 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

A man got a job on the basis of a certificate but he cheated in the exam for this qualification. Now he is doing the job well, according to his colleagues. What is the ruling on his salary – is it halaal or haraam?

Last Modified:  22 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

Is it allowed to sign a lese on rental apartments and if one has no choice but to break the lease due to unable to pay the monthly rent will they become in debt and responsible for the remainder of the lease contract of 1 year

Last Modified:  20 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

There are property offices and some people submit applications to the property development fund for people who do not have land. They do this by paying a certain amount of money and delegating someone to buy and sell, then they applied to the fund in my name, then the land goes back to him. Is this permissible? Please note that I cannot buy any land.

Last Modified:  17 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

My mother wants me to enter medical field and I want to enter business field. However, she says that she inst pleased with this decision and that because she inst pleased with me Allah will not help me succeed. Is this true? Isnt what I want to major in, in college my choice? I find her being very unreasonable when i tried talking to her in the most best manner, but i couldnt hold the anger i had from her saying some really obscene things like, no woman will marry me for entering in this unrewar ...

Last Modified:  13 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

There is a person who works in a private office, but he had some health problems and had to stop working during the period of medical treatment. After that he went back to work and asked for his rights (his wages) for the days when he had worked, but his boss did not acknowledge his rights. This person is in need of the money, so he started to take some from the amount that he collects each day during the course of his work. He does not want to do anything except take what is due to him, no more ...

Last Modified:  12 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I am a security guard and sometimes we have nothing to do, and I have some colleagues with me. Is it permissible for me to take a little rest i.e., to sleep for a short while, when my colleagues are there, and if there is work to be done they will wake me up, so that it will not result in my falling short in doing my job.

Last Modified:  11 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I would like to establish an alternative radio station for Muslims. I also intend to do da'wah to both Muslims and non-Muslims through this station. My idea so far is to have instrument-free nasheed and programs similar to Alafasy TV, Peace TV, and Huda TV. Could you please advise me on what I can and cannot do?

Last Modified:  09 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I am working in a company that distributes toys and stationery. I want to know the Islamic ruling on selling toys, knowing that most of the toys that we sell involve cartoon characters which have movies that are shown on children's television channels such as SpaceToon. The reason for my question is that there is music in every toy, and sometimes the character whose toy we sell changes into a number of characters with the faces of wild animals, according to the stories told in the movies.This ...

Last Modified:  08 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

Is it permissible to puclish a fictional poem in order to earn money.

Last Modified:  02 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

my dad went back to his country because he said he dont want to stay in kuffar country،he wants the family to come as well. but my mum dont want to go because she is saying my children have to finish their education and they are about to start university and she dont want to ruin for them. My question is then ist a sin for my mum to not obey her husband and do what he wants her to do? will she be punished for it? what do you think i shoul do، because my mum really dont want to go and her m ...

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