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Last Modified:  29 Jun 2010 02:10  GMT

BY haraam ways i have earned money and bought a car suppose (5 LAKHS Indian Rupees) , now i am renting that car to others and earning with it . . . so is the money earned through renting the car is HALAAL or HARAAM ? What if i earn through it and doing a khairaat of 5 lakhs indian rupees , which i am earning through the car . . . then after that will my income be halaal will my income be halaal or haraam ?

Last Modified:  27 Jun 2010 02:10  GMT

If I go to a pawn shop and give them something of value to recieve money, and then I go back to get that something, if they charge me more to buy it back is that riba?

Last Modified:  26 Jun 2010 02:10  GMT

I work in admin/accounts position in a stone factory. we get huge orders from customers. we initially give them a price say for 209 pieces price is $1000 but when actually shipping it we find that there are 210 pieces so we increase the price by another say $5 and make it $1005 which is a small amount and client usually do no complain. since $1000 was initially agreed then we later add $5 and also put an extra piece, is this allowed? am i doing right thing?

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