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Last Modified:  28 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I work in a government department as an engineer and I have to accept the work of the contractors. Sometimes there is some shortfall in the specifications, so I tell my boss at work, who in turn tells his boss who is in charge of the department, and he gives instructions to overlook it and accept the work. What should I do from the shar‘i point of view if I obey my boss in this matter?

Last Modified:  27 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I would like to ask a question about Bank al-Iskaan wa’l-Ta‘meer (Housing and Development Bank) here in Egypt. Land in new cities is sold via this bank in a lottery system. When paying the deposit to take part in the lottery it is stipulated that 10% of the value of the land be paid up front, and of course this money is put in the bank until the day of the lottery. After the results of the lottery are announced, if your name is drawn, then you pay the rest of the money in instalments w ...

Last Modified:  27 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I have some money that I gave to an investment company to invest, and it made some profit, but there was no agreement on a set percentage. Is this riba or not?

Last Modified:  26 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

There is an auction site on the internet called It auctions the items for sale, which are jewellery (gold, silver, diamonds, rubies) If you are the successful bidder, you have five days in which to pay. If you have any problems, the period is extended without any increase in the price. In some cases the price is stated and if it goes over the limit you get the item for free. My question is: Is it permissible to buy from this site using a prepaid credit card f ...

Last Modified:  24 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

There is a man who bought a piece of land, not with the intention of trading it; rather his intention in buying it was to protect his wealth and keep it from being lost, and when he needs the money he will sell it. Is zakaah due on it or not?

Last Modified:  22 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I want to buy some real estate through one of the Islamic banks such as al-Raajihi or al-Bilaad. Is it permissible for me to sign a contract to purchase with the bank without checking whether the property deeds have been transferred to the name of the bank? Or is it essential to see the property deed and make sure that ownership has been transferred to the bank before I sign any papers? My second question is: the real estate I want to buy is worth more than the amount that the bank has set for ...

Last Modified:  19 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

The wages of 8.67 days x 3% are deducted from my basic salary each month for the workers’ retirement fund. When I attended the Annual General Meeting to discuss the budget of this fund, I found out that the money collected is distributed among a number of banks and the fund benefits from depositing money in banks at an interest rate of 12.5%. We do not benefit from this money at all throughout our years of service except at the end of our service, when we can get 127 months of our last basi ...

Last Modified:  19 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I work in a centre that corrects exam papers. The work involves adding up marks and entering them into the electronic system or returning the papers to where they should be kept, or printing them to be taken for checking. These exam papers include religious studies with questions about the beliefs and practices of the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and others. Is my work permissible?

Last Modified:  17 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

Can I be hired by a man to buy a car for him from another country in return for a set amount of money, knowing that the country from which the car will be bought imposes a tax on the purchaser if he is going to use the car in that country, but if he is going to take it to his own country, he can ask for the tax to be refunded after paying it, and the agent wants to take the amount paid in tax for himself without asking the permission of the one who appointed him?

Last Modified:  15 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I am currently studying for my Bachelor's degree in a non-Muslim country and I will get it, in sha Allah, in the middle of 2011. I have the opportunity to stay for one more year (until the middle of 2012) in order to get my Master’s too. I will tell you about the pros and cons of waiting for another year in order to get my Master’s. Pros: - Making my father happy (by getting my Master’s) - The study will be virtually free of cost (whereas I do not know what my expenses ...

Last Modified:  14 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

In 1996 I was in a car crash, and I was supposed to submit my papers to the insurance company, but I did not do so until I was in another accident in 2001, when I did not have any insurance. As a result of that accident I became paralyzed and needed treatment. I am very poor, praise be to Allaah. Because I tried all possible ways (with no success) can I submit my papers to the insurance company? Allaah knows the distress and hardship that I am facing.

Last Modified:  14 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I am having difficutly in finding out a true advice on my job whether it is halaal or haraam. I am working in UAE with a stock broking firm facilitating investment in indian stock market for Indians in UAE. No speculation or gambling in permitted in UAE so our company is not allowing that to our customers. Our customers are mostly retail individuals and they include non muslims also. Some of them buy stocks which are not shariah compliant like banks, hotels etc. My companys income is brokerage e ...

Last Modified:  13 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

My father works for a company and some people give him money or personal gifts at work. He stopped taking this money but he soon went back to taking it. He tells me, “I don’t differentiate between those who give me gifts and those who do not.” What is the situation with regard to the money we take from him, the food we eat and the clothes and gold we wear; and what is the situation with regard to our du’aa’ to Allaah. When he gives us food as a gift, should we accept it? ...

Last Modified:  13 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

In Australia during christmas there are huge discounts on things like clothing, furniture, electronics etc. is it permisible to shop to get this discount which is generally not available during other part of the year?

Last Modified:  11 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I would like to know if it is allowed for a woman to be alone with a man in one room , for example in the embassy . If she needs the money and it is nessesary to talk to the officer about a job possibility and she has no one to go with her . If she wears islamic dress and also niqab , is there something wrong with it ?

Last Modified:  10 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

Here one company offering installment for their product for the price of cash. Means if a item is SR 3000, we have to pay SR 250 per month. No extra charge. But the installment is offered through one bank which is not islamic. (Bank will buy the item from the company & sell it to us & we have to pay monthly amount to Bank) My question is it halal to take such installment from from bank. Is it permissible to take money from bank which is dealing in RIBA?

Last Modified:  08 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I want to help my family, my father, mother and siblings, by giving them some money. I work and I have a lot of money, alhamdulillah. I am able to help them, but my husband will not let me. What should I do?

Last Modified:  05 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

What is the shar‘i ruling on a financial transaction which involves buying an item (a computer) from me for a certain amount of money which he will give to me after he sells the computer; he will sell it to another person for twice the amount of money he gave me, then after that he will give me what I am entitled to in full. Is this transaction permissible?

Last Modified:  03 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

I am working in a manufacturing company of a multi-national in Sri Lanka. There are about 300 workers here but only 2 muslims. I have the opportunity to pray five times and also to go to Jummah etc. The top management occationally organise many budhist cermons and some times plan to organise donations (small contribution from employees) to temple. This is a sinhala majority county. Pl advise what we should do or the intention we should have when making such payment occationally to keep peace and ...

Last Modified:  01 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

My father has deposited a fixed amount in the bank by my name.The riba(bank profit) that he gets on it,he gives it to me as a gift.Can you please tell me whether the money is halal for me and whether I can use it or not.Can you also recommend where should I spend the money?

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