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Last Modified:  28 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

In this part of the country (Vanc. ,Canada) and maybe other ares also, the farmers deal with us in the following manner. When you go to buy an animal, they quote you a per pound rate. This means that after slaughtering the animal, they weigh it and charge you a certain amount per pound. This includes the cost of the animal and the fees for using his premises (for slaughter) and the cutting and wrapping fee. For the udhiyah is this permissible? Â Or is it that the animal must first be purchase ...

Last Modified:  14 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

Is it permissible for an agent who does something on behalf of another to take payment for his work?

Last Modified:  13 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

I own a shop in the market and some people come to me and ask me where the riba-based banks are, and I tell them that I don’t know, even though I do know where they are. Is this regarded as lying, and cooperating in sin and transgression?

Last Modified:  10 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

I'm a male college student that has begun the process of looking for a job. Our school tells us that it is key, when interviewing for a job, to look at the job recruiter in the eyes, and not to stare at the ground or otherthings. nowadays, woman are the the ones giving the interviews and i was wondering if it is okay to look at her, because she might not get the right impression of me if i stare at the ground. please help, thanks?

Last Modified:  10 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

I am an employee… My problem has to do with our family’s house. This house belonged to my grandfather (may Allah have mercy on him), and after his death it came into the possession of his eight children, five males and three females, and my grandmother. I am the son of the oldest son who paid fifty-percent of the costs of building the house, and I expanded it. … One paternal uncle lives in the house, and he is married with two sons. My family and paternal uncles and aunts all have ...

Last Modified:  09 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

My husband works in a western country in a company that sells women’s and men’s clothing, as well as children’s clothing, household needs and gold, i.e., everything. My question: in this company there is a section for food, i.e., a restaurant in which they sell pork and alcohol, but my husband works in the section that sells clocks and gold. Is his salary considered halaal or haraam? I hope that you can explain in detail.

Last Modified:  28 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

The Waseetuka website buys from international websites such as eBay: after the customer has specified the item and the website, the Waseetuka website pays the costs of the item, including the price of the item, shipping, customs duties and insurance, if applicable, as well as a fee to the website. After an agreement is reached, the customer transfers the money to the Waseetuka website, then the website buys the item and ships it. What is the ruling on that?

Last Modified:  26 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

I know that taking interest is haraam,but I would like to know what does islaam say about taking interest based on inflation.For example,if you borrow 50 pounds and you want to return the 50 pounds in 5 years time,the value of the 50 pounds that you borrowed would be higher in 5 years time.Therefore you payback the equivalent amount to the 50 pounds that you borrowed.I ask this question because I want to know if it is allowed for me to take out a student loan which has interest based on inflatio ...

Last Modified:  25 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

I have some orphans under my care. I bought some shares in their name using my own capital, and when I sell the shares, I take back my capital and the profit remains in their account. Please note that some wealth has accumulated from these earnings for them, and I invest some of these earnings and some of that remains in their account, and one year has passed for some of the earnings. My question is: How should zakaah be paid in this case, because they are minors and any zakaah is to be pai ...

Last Modified:  25 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

There is a person who works in a private office, but he had some health problems and had to stop working during the period of medical treatment. After that he went back to work and asked for his rights (his wages) for the days when he had worked, but his boss did not acknowledge his rights. This person is in need of the money, so he started to take some from the amount that he collects each day during the course of his work. He does not want to do anything except take what is due to him, no more ...

Last Modified:  23 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

I work as a doctor in one of the hospitals and I treated a patient who is in charge of financial affairs. He gave me some money without me doing any work. Am I entitled to this money? Is it permissible for me to donate it to a charitable cause? Please note that I cannot return it.

Last Modified:  22 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

He works for a company which mixes haraam things with halaal things, and sells some stolen goods and cheats. Is his income halaal? If he leaves this job, any other job will also involve some things that are forbidden according to sharee’ah, so what should he do? Should he continue in his job or give it up and let his children go hungry when he cannot find any means of taking care of them?

Last Modified:  21 Sep 2010 02:10  GMT

I have a small saving in a Bank Account for which I have recieved interest. I am in the process of clearing it up now. However, I also had previously invested in a few Banking stocks (unaware that it was wrong), which have depreciated in value. can I set off my loss in the banking stocks with the interest on my savings account?

Last Modified:  08 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

We have cut ties with all banks due to the fact that opening a bank account means you have accepted the presented terms which in most casses contain acceptance of riba or other haraam, and even kufr etc. we recieve income cheques each month but are not able to cash it because we dont have an account at the bank. There are stores which cash them for a certain percentage of commision and take some money for processing aswell. I need to know what is mentioned in the shariah regarding this matter or ...

Last Modified:  07 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

I currently have the opportunity to work as a natural remedy specialist in one of the government hospitals. This hospital has a contract with the insurance companies to receive their clients who have health insurance cards. What is the ruling on my working in this hospital, which benefits financially from these companies in return for treating their patients?

Last Modified:  04 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

I have just began a new job within a call centre. What I do and the service I provide is Halal which has nothing to do with Riba or anything of the sort. However the branch I work in is a department of a global investment Institution 'Macquarie Bank' which provides Riba Services. Is my line of work Halal or not?

Last Modified:  02 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

We are from the land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries, and we work in the embassy in one of the Muslim Asian countries (Pakistan). Should we start and end the fast with the Kingdom or with the country in which we are living?

Last Modified:  01 Aug 2010 02:10  GMT

I am going to travel, by Allah’s leave, to Milan in Italy for my work, to complete the company’s new project. That will take a long time, as long as three months, and the blessed month of Ramadan will come whilst I am there. My question is: do I have to fast? If I do not fast, what do I have to do to make it up?

Last Modified:  31 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

Do I have to cancel the contract between me and the owner of the farm because there are no mosques here in this place? Or should I go back to work and there will be no sin on me?

Last Modified:  31 Jul 2010 02:10  GMT

My wife wants to help me apply for a loan from the ‘Abd al-Lateef Jameel Fund (Bab Rizq program), by applying on the basis that she is going to set up a small business by herself. The people in charge of the Bab Rizq fund will examine her application. If they agree and she gets the money, I will take it from her and open a legitimate business or something else that will benefit us. Is that permissible? Please note that we are in urgent need of this money.

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