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Last Modified:  15 Oct 2012 10:12  GMT

I am religiously committed; I offer my prayers on time, and I do all my religious duties, and people testify to my good character. I also treat my mother kindly and I am the one who spends on my mother and sister. But my problem is my mother; despite ...

Last Modified:  07 Oct 2012 10:12  GMT

I have an interest in making websites and I have a great deal of experience in design and programming. About two years ago I was thinking of making a website like Jareedat al-Waseet for classified as (whilst adhering to all Islamic stipulations), but ...

Last Modified:  25 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

mso-list:l0 level1 lfo4;tab-stops:list .5in ·        As for your negligence with regard to Fajr prayer, it is undoubtedly a major shortcoming on your part and is something that you should hasten to se ...Its against the rules to show the faces of prophets. Why did Muslims make the 2008 Movie The Messiah showing the face of Jesus?Praise be to Allah.

Last Modified:  22 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

text-indent:-.25in;mso-list:l0 level1 lfo1;tab-stops:list .5in 1.     Where there is a text which speaks of raising the hands, such as offering supplication (du‘aa') in ‘Arafah, offering supplication at the first and second Jamar ...

Last Modified:  15 Sep 2012 10:12  GMT

I am a medical student in Egypt. Is it permissible for me to join the military academy to become a doctor in the army, knowing that in the Egyptian army it is compulsory to shave off the beard?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:17  GMT

What is the punishment for rape in Islam? What happens to the rape victim?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:09  GMT

What does Islam say about revenge? Can I take revenge on my brother’s murderer? My innocent brother was killed recently by my cousin in their home country. After killing my brother, he ran away. Now his brothers, who have strong connections with that country’s government, are trying to get him off. I am here in the USA, and every day I am smoldering over my family’s helplessness. What can I do?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:06  GMT

During a hurricane one evening, the goods of one of our tenants were damaged when the roof of the property they were renting developed a leak. A substantial amount of his goods were ruined on account of it. Am I financially liable for the amount that is damaged? Please advise me on this as I want to do the right thing.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:05  GMT

We own a rental property that we lease out to tenants. We have a problem with some of the tenants not paying their rent on time. Is it Islamically permissible to charge a late fee for rent that is late?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:04  GMT

I am a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country. I own a property which I would like to rent out. The problem is that the people who want to rent the property from me are non-Muslims who want to use it to run a funeral parlour. Is it permissible for me to rent it to them? If not, please explain to me why.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:04  GMT

Can farmland be rented out to farmers for money?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:03  GMT

In the country where I currently live and work, accommodation is quite expensive and difficult to find. Whenever I am interested in renting a house, the person mentions that if I want to take the house, I will have to pay him “key money” which normally ranges from 5,000.00 to 18,000.00 of the local currency. Key money is a sort of a payment you have to give to this guy for him to lease the house to you. Is this islamically lawful or not? whether the government allows this or not? Please ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:02  GMT

I would like to know what Islam says about the concept of intellectual property rights, especially about the copyrights on multimedia products like cassettes, videos,CD's,....ect. Is it permissible to copy any copywritten products and give them to people to use it for free if it would be beneficial for them to have access to such products?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:01  GMT

If we find something valuable in the street and cannot find its owner, what do we do?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:00  GMT

I work for a radio station that broadcasts music and programs about film personalities and singers. However, I work in the Information Technology department. We have nothing to do with the music directly, but we are promoting the radio station through the Internet. Is my income lawful?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 11:59  GMT

Is it permissible for a person to earn money by being the imam at a mosque?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 11:58  GMT

I am a doctor, and recently after finding that general surgery is saturated enough, I thought about specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. I have passed the first part of the exam as well and may start the residency in gynecology after some time. Is it permissible for me to specialize and practice gynecology as a male doctor?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 11:57  GMT

Is it allowed in Islam to accept money for teaching the Qur’ân?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 11:56  GMT

Is it permissible to work as a private lawyer in a non-Muslim country or in the secular courts of most Muslim countries as long as you do not personally violate Islamic Law?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 11:55  GMT

I am working in a bank. I know that what I am doing to earn a living is unlawful. I intend to change the profession, but am unable to find an equally well-paying job. Am I committing sin even though I intend to change professions?

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