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Children & Family

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:42  GMT

In Islam, there is a lot of emhpasis on kinship and maintaining good relations with one's relatives. But what if someone close practices black magic on other members of the family to the extent that he even tries to bring death to others? Does one have to meet such people? A cousin and a brother of mine have been horribly victimized and one is coming to the point where he says even killing such people will not be considered wrong in Islam. Is this true?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:38  GMT

Many of people in my home watch licentious television programs and do other misdeeds. What should I do? Should I continue to admonish them? Should I shun them?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:37  GMT

How can I bring Islamic awareness into the daily life of my family without being overbearing?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:35  GMT

My daughter is two and a half years old. Am I allowed to change her diaper in front of her uncles or grandparents? What part of her body must be covered in public?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:32  GMT

In the American education system, a type of test used is the multiple-choice test. On this type of test, there is a question and the test gives multiple answers to choose from (usually 4 or 5). As fas as I know, most teachers do not mind their students guessing, and some teachers make the questions difficult so that the grades will still reflect the person's knowledge. What is the ruling on a Muslim taking a guess on these test? Is this a lie? Also, on all tests, if a student is a little unsure ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:32  GMT

What is a complete definition of an "Islamic education" when we are talking of educating children in an Islamic school? What are its key elements? And how does it relate to academic excellence?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:31  GMT

Could you suggest a good second-level Islamic Studies program for us to establish for our youth – a group of children between the age of 14 and 17? We will be giving classes for a few hours on a daily basis. These children already know the basics of how to pray and fast. We already use the English translations of Fiqh al-Sunnah for Islamic Law, Riyâd al-Sâlihîn for hadith, and they have a good grounding in `Aqîdah. What else do they need to get a strong grounding in sound Islamic methodolo ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:30  GMT

Can a person acquire knowledge by way of the Internet, as long as the sources are reliable and the information is substantiated and verified? Can a person attend classes online and study in an online program? Does Islam recognize this as a means of acquiring knowledge? Or is this an invalid means?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:29  GMT

Is it permissible to write with the left hand? My 3-year-old daughter is naturally left-handed. We constantly encourage her to eat with her right hand, which she will do after being reminded. However, she has recently become interested in writing and trying to form simple letter shapes, which she can accomplish well with her left hand. But when I try to prompt her to use the right hand, she becomes completely discouraged and gives up; as she struggles to hold even the pen properly. Therefore, pl ...

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:47  GMT

I was married to a muslim woman and have two young daughters. Over the years, there were serious violations of the principles of Islam on her part. Despite this, I continued trying to correct these problems by several means. Ultimately, she chose divorce over obedience to Allah. Moreover, she chose the American law for divorce rather than Islamic law. By court order, she has custody of the children. My deep concern is for the children. Please advise me what I have to do for my children.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:45  GMT

I am a young widow with two minor girls who are in school. My husband's parents are not alive while mine are and my daughters are solely under my protection and care. Nobody from my husband’s side ever offered to take responsibility for the children. His elder brother, who looks after the company, has always been true and prompt in giving my husband's share of the profit in the company to us. Now, I have come across a very nice person whom I wish to marry. He likes the cildren and they too are ...

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:43  GMT

Is it permissible for a Muslim woman who has been divorced and subsequently remarries to file for the custody of her child from her ex-husband, who is also Muslim, in a secular court of law?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:42  GMT

I know the ruling that if a man claims that he is the father of a child while the mother is married to another man, then this man's word is not accepted and the child is attributed to the woman's husband unless he swears the oath known as li`ân to disavow the child. What about the case where the wife openly says that she committed adultery and attributes the child to the adulterer? There was a case where a woman left her husband without his divorcing her and came back pregnant less than six mon ...

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:41  GMT

A man and woman committed fornication and she fell pregnant. He then married her while she was still pregnant and now calls the child his own. Is this correct?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:39  GMT

Does a woman who was adopted as a child have to cover herself in front of her adoptive father and brothers?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:37  GMT

Since full adoption and using the family name of the adoptive parents are not permissible in Islam, what is the ruling for a newborn child left by his or her unknown mother somewhere and later found by a Muslim couple? Two newborn children were found in this manner at different times, a boy and a girl. Now the girl is 16 and the boy is 19.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:35  GMT

would like to know if adoption is lawful or unlawful in Islam.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:34  GMT

have no children of my own and I adopted a girl when she was two years old. I love her very much. She is 5 years old now and going to school. To avoid complications which would arise from giving her real father's name in her school records, I have refrained from doing so and entered my name instead. I did this only to avoid complications. Is this allowed in Islam?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:33  GMT

Why does Islam prohibit adoption? Adoption is a good thing. It provides a home, a set of parents, and a loving family to children who otherwise would grow up without such blessings. Why does Islam prohibit children who have no one from belonging to a family?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:31  GMT

s it allowed in Islam if we adopt my sister's child or my husband's brother's child? Or are we only allowed to adopt an orphan who has no parents?

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