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Children & Family

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:01  GMT

When we perform the `aqîqah, what should we do with the meat? Should it all be given away in charity?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 01:00  GMT

s it allowed for the `aqîqah of my son for me to purchase two sheep that have already been slaughtered and distribute their meat? I live in a non-Islamic country, and in a block of flats where there really are no facilities to slaughter animals.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:59  GMT

Can an adult offer the `aqîqah on his own behalf if his father never did so for him?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:59  GMT

Is it true that on the day of performing the `aqîqah for a newborn baby, after shaving the head of the newborn, you may rub the baby’s head with saffron. If this is true, how should it be done?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:58  GMT

I am living here in the US doing Islamic work full-time I was born and raised here, and my parents live here. The amîr of the da'wah effort told us that we do not have to spend too much time with our parents or take care of our parents' needs like others must, because we are here for da'wah. Therefore, I do not spend a lot of time with my parents, just an hour or so at night, and I do very little for them. People in the community blame me and say my mother is unhappy with me. What should I do? ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:57  GMT

I want to know if a woman is obligated to give her parents money if they are in need and she is working and has her own income and she is married.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:56  GMT

A lady has recently become a widow and her only child, a son, is out of the country. She has six brothers who lives in her locality. As she is all alone, who is responsible to accompany her in her period of mourning, and who is responsible to help her in her day to day needs until her son comes back? What are the responsibilities of her brothers and her son towards her both financially and socially?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:53  GMT

A widow has six sons and two daughters. All of her children are married and have their own families. How much responsibility lies on each child towards their mother? Please explain in the light of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Also guide us about the blessings and benefits that the children may receive by caring for their widowed mother.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:52  GMT

Is it permissible for a Muslim to have a two-word first name like "Muhammad Khâlid" or "Muhammad Nûr"?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:52  GMT

My father always asks for me to give him money. However, he spends most of it on drink and on pornography and on his friends who are just as bad as he is. I do not want to keep giving him money to squander on these people and their ugly activities. What can I do?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:51  GMT

When a woman gets married, may she assume her husband’s name or does she have to retain her maiden name? What if she has already had her name changed to her husband’s family name and all her legal documentation is in his name, though people in everyday life call her by her maiden name?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:50  GMT

What is the correct way to name a newborn child? I understand that different cultures have different way of naming the child. For example in Arab culture, naming is different than in Pakistani culture. Back home, in Pakistan, when the child is born, he/she is given a name and then the father's first name (just first name) becomes the child’s last name. Is this the correct Islamic way, since we will be called by our first name and then our father’s name on the Day of Judgment?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:49  GMT

What is the meaning of `Abd al-Bâsit? Al-Bâsit is not one of the so-called ninety-nine names of Allah, yet is gets the prefix `abd in some people’s names. I heard that this name is disliked by some scholars.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:48  GMT

Is the first name "Noor" disliked in Islam? I heard that it is a name reserved for the Prophet (peace be upon him), but I could not find anything on the subject. I have a friend who chose that name as a Muslim name after she converted to Islam.

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:47  GMT

As Muslim converts, can we have an American name (i.e. John, Kelly) for our first name? And Can we call a person by his American name instead of his Muslim name? Is the ruling different if the name has religious significance in another religion, like the name Christina? What about middle names?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:46  GMT

What is the ruling of naming one’s child Danyâl or Daniel to accommodate the wishes of one’s Christian wife?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:45  GMT

I read in a book on `aqiqah that we cannot name ourselves or our children with the following names of the Prophet: al-Mâhî, al-Hâshir, and al-`Aqib. Is this correct? What if one removes the definite article “al” from before these names? Would it then be permissible to name one’s child Mâhî, Hâshir, or `Aqib?

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:44  GMT

ver since this issue about the teddy bear named Muhammad has surfaced, I have grown concerned. I never thought about the issue like that before. I want to know what the ruling is. I have videos of "Adam's World" with a very fanciful looking puppet named Adam who teaches children about Islam. Is it right or wrong to name plush toys and puppets with the names of prophets? If not, should I dispose of these videos? Also, my daughter has named her plush toys with different names. She has a ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:43  GMT

My wife and I are expecting our first child. We would like to choose a name for our child ourselves, but both of us are under pressure from our parents who wish to dictate the matter to us. I am the firstborn son, and my father expects me to name my child after him. He believes this is an Islamic practice. Is this true? My wife's parents are adamantly against the name. First of all, in her culture, the wife's parents generally choose the name. Secondly, they say that my father's name is not suit ...

Last Modified:  24 Aug 2011 12:42  GMT

My father is over 70 years old. He used to live with me and my family until six months back. He had been with us since I got married four years ago. He has been separated from his wife - my mother - for six years due to his bad behavior. Six months ago he sexually harrassed my brother-in-law's wife at my home, offending her greatly. On another occasion, he did the same with my wife's cousin. In the end, my wife was deeply troubled and we came close to a separation. Now my feelings towards my fat ...

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