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Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:08  GMT

Who was Sayyid Qutb and what is his position with respect to Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamâ`ah?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:06  GMT

Who was Muhammad b. `Abd al-Wahhâb and what is a Wahhâbî?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:05  GMT

What is the position of tha scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamâ`ah towards al-Hajjâj b. Yûsuf?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:04  GMT

Who were Imam Ahmad's main teachers and students? How did the Hanbalî school of thought in Islamic Law come about, especially since Imam Ahmad never wrote a book on Islamic Law?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:03  GMT

Were there any women scholars (apart from the Companions) amongst the salaf and the later generations? If there were, could you please name some of them?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:01  GMT

Could you please provide us with a brief description of Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalânî and his scholarly works?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 07:00  GMT

Could you shed some light on the life of Shurayh the Judge? I believe he was the judge in Kufah appointed by `Umar b. al-Khattâb.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:59  GMT

Tell me about the Imam Mâlik. What was his life like? When was he born? When did he start acquiring knowledge about Islam? When did he die?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:58  GMT

have read and heard some amazing stories regarding Uways al-Qarnî. How true are all these stories? What is the truth about him? Was he one of the Companions?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:57  GMT

Can you please name few famous scholars – those we usually refer to when religion is discussed – who never got married. I know two of them: Imam al-Bukhârî and Ibn Taymiyah. I tried to find information on the Internet about others, but I could not find anything.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:56  GMT

Even though it is not obligatory for a Muslim to get married, Muslim women who elect to remain single for whatever reasons they might have are sometimes frowned upon or criticized for doing so. Could you please give us some examples of eminent Muslim women from our history who had chosen to remain single and who were, at the same time, good role models and examples of piety and achievement?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:55  GMT

I heard that at Ahmad b. Hanbal's funeral a large number of non-Muslim's embraced Islam. Can you tell me more about it?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:54  GMT

I am confused about the scholar Ibn ul Arabi. I read many scholars declaring him to be an unbeliever or heretic. Then I see these same scholars – and other equally prominent scholars of the same caliber – quoting liberally from his works without hesitation. What is going on?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:53  GMT

In many sites we read about places that are alien to us. These places are very important, because they are connected with great personalities of Islam. Please give us, for the benefit of the present generation of Muslims, the exact present location of these places... 1. Bukhara for Imam al-Bukhari 2. Nasarabad and Nisapoor for Imam Muslim 3. Sijistan, Khurasan 4. Tirmidh, Transsaxonia 5. Qazwin for Ibn Majah 6. Naynawa for Imam Nawawi.

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:49  GMT

Where was Najd located at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him)? The reason I am asking this is because of the hadîth wherein the Prophet was asked about Najd and said: "The two horns of the devil will appear from there, as well as instability, corruption, and strife." [Sahîh al-Bukharî and Sahîh Muslim]

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:47  GMT

What does it mean to be Semitic? Why are Arabs described as Semitic? Is it because they are descended from Shem, the son of Noah (peace be upon him)?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:46  GMT

I have been taught that the Ka`bah in Mecca – al-Masjid al-Harâm – is the true qiblah. Kindly help me to understand why the Prophets like Jesus, Jacob, and Solomon (peace be upon them) did not pray towards the Ka`bah?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:45  GMT

read that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “O `A’ishah! Were your people not close to the Pre-Islamic times of ignorance, I would have had the Ka`bah demolished and would have included in it the portion which had been left, and would have made it at a level with the ground and would have made two doors in it, one towards the east and the other towards the west, and then by doing this it would have been built on the foundations laid by Abraham.” Is it true that the Ka`bah is not on it ...

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:44  GMT

Did the Ka’bak exist before Islam? Who first built the Ka’bah? Is it the same building that it has always been since ancient times?

Last Modified:  23 Aug 2011 06:43  GMT

Could you tell me about the History of al-Ya`qûbî? What can you tell me about its reliability as a work of history. I have seen it cited as a reference in many books written in English about Muslim history, but I cannot find any information about the work.

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