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Animals & Plants

Last Modified:  05 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

Can you spend interest money on animals E.G. pets and other animals.

Last Modified:  04 Jul 2011 02:10  GMT

I have had a dog for 11 years and changed my religion to Islam. I know it is haram to have a dog in the house but the dog was before my change to Islam, will my prayers be excepted? Once the dog passes away I will never ever have another dog because I know now.

Last Modified:  15 May 2011 02:22  GMT

In my community there are some Muslims who are rearing sheep. they send them out to graze in the pasture all day with no one looking after them. sometimes they get attacked by dogs and are eaten. the owners then go and try to catch the dogs and kill them. so i would like to know if it is allowed islamically for these dogs to be killed? shouldnt there be someone guarding the sheep to prevent dogs from attacking?

Last Modified:  25 Jan 2011 03:10  GMT

I wanted to know if zakaat can be given to poor, injured, hurt, sick,beaten and starving animals?. Praise be to Allaah. Allah, may He be e ...

Last Modified:  08 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

I know that it is not permissible to keep a dog as a pet, but what about foxes and wolves? It is known from years of experience that it is possible to train these animals and live with them. What is the shar‘i ruling on that?

Last Modified:  01 Dec 2010 03:10  GMT

What is the wisdom behind eating the meat of mountain goats and wild cattle? Is the basic principle behind it that it is permissible or allowed?

Last Modified:  20 Nov 2010 03:10  GMT

Does the meat of chicken grown by giving steroids is halal evenif it is slaughtered correctly?

Last Modified:  29 Oct 2010 02:10  GMT

In this part of the country (Vanc. ,Canada) and maybe other ares also, the farmers deal with us in the following manner. When you go to buy an animal, they quote you a per pound rate. This means that after slaughtering the animal, they weigh it and charge you a certain amount per pound. This includes the cost of the animal and the fees for using his premises (for slaughter) and the cutting and wrapping fee. For the udhiyah is this permissible? Â Or is it that the animal must first be purchase ...

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