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Last Modified:  31 May 2013 05:17  GMT

A ball of flame from the sky is speeding in the world’s atmosphere. And people are about to notice that in a matter of seconds… By Ebru Altan

Last Modified:  28 Nov 2012 07:08  GMT

My today’s JakartaPost was already in front of my door as I was coming back from mosque to perform early morning prayer. A headline for today is Superstorm Sandy that hit The United States, New York and different areas as well. This condition caused psychological and physical damage for people who were affected. The government also suffered financially and politically. All of sudden my mind went some years ago when I was in my first semester’s class- learning about human. As an introduction, ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:50  GMT

The relationship between Islam and science has varied over time. Most Muslims consider that natural science and all other scientific pursuits are related to Tawhid. This term is used to refer to a concept that is at the center of Islam: the Oneness of God. Muslims do not consider the workings of the Universe and of Nature as something separate from God, but as something that is intimately linked to the relationship between God and Humanity. It is because of this that the Science is considered a ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:44  GMT

There is no question that the Islamic world was the cradle for modern Science. During its Golden Age, the Muslim community was at the forefront of scientific advances and the pursuit of scientific knowledge. However, after this golden age there came a time of stagnation. A time, after the fall of the Caliphates and Western colonization, in which advances in science were stunted or completely stopped in much of the Muslim world. One aspect of the 20th century that greatly affected Muslim society ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:43  GMT

Like fundamentalist Christians, the Muslim world also has its share of fundamentalist religious scholars that reject the Theory of Evolution and scientific theories like the Big Bang or the Big Crunch that attempt to explain the origins of the universe. While most progressive Muslims are wholly in support of scientific advancement, many fundamentalist Muslims have been influenced by the American creationist movement and proponents of Intelligent Design, also proposing creationists theories that ...

Last Modified:  17 Jun 2010 09:31  GMT

Published: Jun 17, 2010 22:45 Updated: Jun 17, 2010 22:45 Say: Do you indeed disbelieve in Him who has created the earth in two days? And do you claim others to be His equals? It is He who is the Lord of all the worlds. He it is who placed on the earth firm mountains towering above it, and bestowed His blessings on it, and measured out its varied provisions in four days, ensuring equity for all who seek (such provisions). Then, He applied His design to the sky, which was but smoke; and said ...

Last Modified:  23 Jan 2010 11:30  GMT

The 1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World exhibition is hosted at London's Science Museum.

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