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Common Ground

Last Modified:  24 Dec 2011 08:36  GMT

“Islam cannot co-exist with other religions”. This is a significant misconception held not only amongst the Non-Muslims but also prevalent amongst various Muslims. Throughout the history of Islam, Muslims have held different attitudes towards other religions. Before we move any further, let us clarify how Islam percieves others religions.

Last Modified:  23 Dec 2011 08:32  GMT

Any faith that stands the test of time and comes out victorious is testimony to the fact that it is an advanced and progressive faith. The existence and growth of Islam through the ages and its popularity around the world despite the existence and growth of other religions as well is proof that Islam enjoys common grounds with other religions. In spite of all the differences with other religions, both in theory and practice, Islam believes in mutual understanding and dialogue. Islam is an open ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:41  GMT

The Qur'an and the Bible are very much alike. While there are fundamental differences between Christianity and Islam, the common viewpoint that both religions and cultures are wholly alien is completely undeserved. In fact, with the huge amount of similarities between both faiths, the state of the relationship between the faithful of both religions is surprising, to say the least. The exalted place that Jesus holds in the Islamic faith and the large volume of common ground in both religions’ d ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:37  GMT

While Islam and Christianity are similar in many aspects, there two fundamental differences between both religions. These fundamental differences are practically impossible to breach, because they lie at the very core of what defines each religion. However, in practice, the values, ethics, and morals of Islam and Christianity are almost identical. To understand how both religions can strive to find common ground, it is first important to understand the nature of the fundamental disagreements bet ...

Last Modified:  21 Aug 2011 02:15  GMT

Finding a common ground between Westerners and Islam should not be a difficult thing. If the search for a common ground is based only in religious concepts of the great monotheistic religions, Islam and the West have much in common.

Last Modified:  21 Aug 2011 02:07  GMT

The common perception in both Christians and Muslims is that there is little common ground between both religions. Many Christians tend to have a cliched view of Muslims as fanatic followers of a violent religion, more concerned with war than with doing good. Meanwhile, many Muslims view Christianity as a religion that allows all matter of sinful things, permitting even the most scandalous practices

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