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Last Modified:  24 Dec 2011 08:50  GMT

The word “Islam” means submitting to the will of God. Islam is a religion that promotes peace and harmony in every sphere of life. It is a way of life for every Muslim, and its teachings are based on the foundations of “balance”. Before engaging in the discussion of Islam and feminism, it is important to refer to the sources of the Islamic tradition, as there is a lot of confusion regarding the term “Islam”. Islam like other major religions does not derive from a single source. ...

Last Modified:  23 Dec 2011 08:12  GMT

The religion of Islam is a balanced religion in every sense. There is no room for biases and inequalities. When it comes to the issue of “feminism” in Islam, the boundaries are clearly defined. An Islamic environment clearly specifies a differentiation of the roles played by the male and female members of the society. Feminism as represented by the West has always denied any such differentiation and has demanded steps towards a “unisex” society, so that women enjoy equal rights as ...

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2011 06:28  GMT

The feminist movement in the Western world was undoubtedly a good thing. Women were mistreated and had no say in society or in their communities. Before the feminist movement, women were not allowed to vote and were prohibited from taking part in many activities. Women could not seek employment in many fields are were practically barred from many careers of higher education as well as most of the best schools. Before the feminist movement, women were severely restricted in what they could do in ...

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2011 06:18  GMT

It is surprising to see the barbaric and backwards attitude many Arab communities have taken in regards to the education of women. From the very beginnings of Islam this faith has guaranteed the rights of women to an education and an equal treatment of men. There are plenty of examples in the life of the Prophet and, in this case particularly, in the education received by his wives and women that were associated with his life.

Last Modified:  21 Dec 2011 06:24  GMT

There is a feminist movement within Islam. There is no question that in Arab culture there is an important problem with how women are treated. There is a chauvinistic attitude amongst many Muslims in Arab countries that must not be confused with Islam. This attitude is more the result of traditional tribal culture and a patriarchal and primitive society, the very things that Islam intended to fix in its origins. Of course, it is quite hard to stop people from going back to their old ways after a ...

Last Modified:  21 Dec 2011 06:13  GMT

A hotly debated issue amongst Muslims all around the world is the problem of the equality of women in Islam. The Qur'an is quite clear about protecting the rights of women, as also is the example of the prophet Muhammad. In fact, for the first centuries of the history of Islam, women enjoyed a privileged place in comparison to the rest of the world, equal to men in almost every aspect of life. It is ironic that the rights of women in Islam have followed a pronounced backwards development, contra ...

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:44  GMT

Men of the Muslim faith will always argue that women are treated especially well in Islam. This is certainly true if one goes by a strict interpretation of the Qur'an. In the Qur'an women have all the rights that apply to men plus quite a few more rights specific to women.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:43  GMT

In the last forty years Islam has risen as a focus of study by the West. However, the focus of these studies and interest have been more about the extremist portions of Islam, exemplified by the Salman Rushdie situation or the attack on the World Trade Center, or on the treatment of Islamic women rather than in understanding the whole Islamic culture and the Muslim world.

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