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Human Rights

Last Modified:  24 Dec 2011 08:45  GMT

Islam is a religion of peace, progress and prosperity.The word “Islam” has been derived from “salam”, which means “peace”. Itbestows upon its followers a superset of all varieties of rights, of which all human rights is a small subset.In Islam, people are awarded rights and duties to honor those rights of others for every stage and turn in life. From parents’ rights, relatives’ rights, friends’ rights to poor people’s rights, neighbor’s rights, spouses’ rights and child ...

Last Modified:  23 Dec 2011 08:54  GMT

The first and most important thing, which one should know about Islam, is what the word Islam itself means. Islam is the word of Allah and represents the central principle of Allah’s religion. The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means surrender or submission of one’s will to Allah & the acceptance and obedience of Allah’s teachings that were revealed to the last Prophet Mohammad. And, anyone who submits hiswill to almighty Allah is called Muslim. Muslims believe in one god, who has no partn ...

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2011 06:01  GMT

Unlike the West, human rights in Islam are not absolute since they must always consider the teachings of Islam over all. Even then, the individual guarantees in Islam are unprecedented and are much more advanced than many other religions. Concepts like democracy and individual freedoms are all defended in the Qur'an, but they are always under the specific prohibitions and allowances of Islamic law. Muslims consider this situation as ideal since they consider that the Qur'an and the Hadith give t ...

Last Modified:  21 Dec 2011 04:05  GMT

The concept of the right to justice is mentioned repeatedly in the Qur'an. There is quite a lot of detail in the passages relating to the freedom to justice. In Islam there are two concepts which are considered, Ihsan and Adl. While Adl is typical of monotheistic religions, referring to the need for balance and equality when judging and individual, in Islam perhaps the more important term is Ihsan. Ihsan refers to making up an imbalance or an injustice by returning or giving back something to th ...

Last Modified:  21 Dec 2011 03:48  GMT

A common accusation against Muslim countries is that of not upholding human rights. Their citizens are characterized by the Western media as victims of horrendous transgressions against human decency and the basic universal guarantees. What is often not mentioned is that these human rights violations are not in any way related to the Qur'an but to the greed and human flaws of the people committing them. In the same way as the atrocities of other governments against their own citizens are not in ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 04:59  GMT

The Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad address the individual rights of children repeatedly. One of the core values of Islam is providing for those that are at a disadvantage or that cannot provide for themselves adequately. Because of this, the individual rights of women, children, minorities, the elderly, orphans, and the handicapped are extensively discussed in Islamic law, the Qur'an, and in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:41  GMT

Islam has been wrongly accused of violating human rights. While no one can deny that human rights violations, some of them quite severe, occur in many Islamic countries, it is wrong to place the blame for this on the Muslim faith.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:40  GMT

Islamic countries have been repeatedly accused of not respecting the basic human rights of their citizens. While this may be true in many cases, it is usually wrong to place the blame on the Qur'an or on Islam.

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