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Warsi convinces UK Govt. to practically tackle Islamophobia

Last Modified:  08 Apr 2012 01:25  GMT

London: A good news for the Muslims residing in Britain rises as the Chairman Conservative Party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has successfully convinced the British government after the efforts of a year that Islamophobia has prevailed in the British society and become a taboo and the menace needs to curbed practically.

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Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:19  GMT

It is sad to read the almost daily attacks on the Daily Express against Muslims in the United Kingdom. It is almost as if the proprietor of this so-called newspaper is purposefully trying to promote hatred, or even violence against British Muslims.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:17  GMT

While the Daily Mail thinks of itself as a newspaper, for many horrified Muslims in the United Kingdom it has been nothing more than a pamphlet of anti-Muslim sentiment. What is the purpose of the Daily Mail?

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