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Warsi convinces UK Govt. to practically tackle Islamophobia

Last Modified:  08 Apr 2012 01:25  GMT

London: A good news for the Muslims residing in Britain rises as the Chairman Conservative Party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has successfully convinced the British government after the efforts of a year that Islamophobia has prevailed in the British society and become a taboo and the menace needs to curbed practically.

Islamophobia Wire


Last Modified:  15 Feb 2013 05:21  GMT

This term is one used by people who do not actually know what they are afraid of. Because of those who spread hatred by misusing the name of Muslim they hold Islam responsible for it. They imagine that by opposing Islam they can be rid of those people who seek to make the world a place of hatred by misusing the name of Muslim. By Aylin Kocaman

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2011 06:45  GMT

Islam does not have a stellar reputation among the American public. While this can be traced back to decades of the systematic demonizing of Islam in the American media and politics, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center turned it into a problem that was not subconscious. The attitude in the United States went from an underlying distrust of Muslims and Arabs into an active prejudice and persecution of Islam and its followers. While this in itself was enough to make life in the United ...

Last Modified:  22 Dec 2011 06:44  GMT

The rise in recent years of Islamophobia and prejudice against immigrants in Western Europe has been quite alarming. It is no coincidence that this xenophobia has coincided with a dire economic situation and world financial crash. If one checks thoroughly the economics of the different countries that are known for an Islamophobic right wing, like the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, one will find that the rises of Islamophobia and anti-Islam rhetoric are closely related to the state of the eco ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 03:23  GMT

It seems that American society has always had a boogieman figure, a fanged monster looming on the horizon that the whole of the United States can hate collectively. In the pre-World War II years it was the Germans and the Japanese; then, during the cold war, it was the Communists. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Arab Muslims have increasingly come to replace the Red Scare as America's new fanged monster. While the September 11th attacks in 2001 were an important contributor to t ...

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 03:20  GMT

Dog-whistle politics is a term that is used to refer to a political tactic in which racism is masked by the use of certain code words. For example, instead of calling President Barack Obama a “nigger”, certain elements of the opposition have taken to calling him “uppity” or even “Muslim.”

Last Modified:  03 Sep 2011 03:17  GMT

There is no doubt that an anti-Muslim movement is on the rise. While in most regions in the West Muslims are not actively persecuted or abused, there are early warning signs of bigotry and racist that can result in violence or heinous acts eventually. Because of this, it is important for Muslims everywhere to speak out against forms of Islamophobia, before it is too late. Isolated incidents of anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence are not unexpected, but taken all together, these signs of Islamophob ...

Last Modified:  21 Aug 2011 05:17  GMT

In the last decade there seems to have been a competition in Britain among the pundits of the far right wing. The object of this competition to see who can come up with the most outrageous statements insulting the Muslim faith.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:25  GMT

One would think that Islamophobia in the United States is mainly rooted in the 9/11 attacks. While these played the role of bringing it into the public eye and giving it an exposure it never had before, the seeds for widespread Islamophobia have been rooted in American society for decades. At least since the first part of the twentieth century.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:23  GMT

Recently, Institute for Race Relations published a very interesting paper that sheds some light on the recent bouts of Islamophobia and the backlash against immigrants in many countries in Western Europe.

Last Modified:  20 Aug 2011 10:20  GMT

Making statements against Islam is a sure way to get some media attention in the United States, if you're a politician. The real problem are not the conservative pundits that are getting paid to bash Islam, it's the millions of people around the country that enable them to do so. If it were not a profitable practice, you can be sure that these people would not be engaging in rampant Islamophobia on the airwaves.

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